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The Monthy Martian Issue 9
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Submitted By flyclub on 09/03/07
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Table of contents:

Editor's note:

The main story


Mars Fi-Sci


Weekly Tips by Mr.Mars

Weekly Illusion


The Source

The Weekly How To


Picture of the week

Mars Quiz


An Old Idea Volcano

Up To Date Idea Volcano

Editors Note:

Well, I  am sorry that I failed you guys so many months ago and stopped publishing, not that my newsletter is of that much importance, but I still feel as if  I flaked out on yah. Why did I start up again? Find out in the history section. I wanted to inform you that the schedule has been changed, I stopped publishing because once a week was too much. So I will be publishing at LEAST once every three weeks, and at MOST once a week, the average will be once every two weeks I think, but perhaps not. This will give the reporters and I the time necessary to get all the content we need and not be clearing it by our skin. Also the idea volcano stopped publishing, but here is one that was sent to me a while ago, I am not entirely sure why I never published it... I hope you enjoy our new content array, it is not filled with boring filler content, but actually has some interesting stuff. Please comment so that we can make modifications if needed!!!


The Main Story, 

by Flyclub

Mars explorer downtime.

Not all of you may have experienced it, but mars explorer went down for some time.

But why? Well, the leading theory at the time was that someone had stolen the domain of theATI.net, hence it taking players to a cheap search engine. Pictures all over the site were under that domain, and ended up blacked out.

Panic had started very shortly, it was happening to different users ate different times, basically it started at different times, and ended at different times.  I experienced it from morning, to night. lol it was quite some mumbo-jumbo, when you experienced the blackout you would have to wait about 12 hours for it to pass.

But what went wrong?

Here is what Aubrey said:

"My domain registrar dropped the ball and let my TheATI.net domain lapse for some hours, but everything should be fixed now. Sorry about that!


I was already working on moving the game hosting to Amazon S3, and now have a good incentive to do so. Once that takes place, we will be much more impervious to issues like this.


Unity 3D - Mars Explorer's game development framework - will also soon be releasing an upgrade which will allow me to create native Mars Explorer applications for Mac and Windows. This will be a tremendous step forward for game playability, and will remove the necessity for a central server to be up to allow you to play Mars Explorer."

In case yah never saw that, it should clean things up for yah.



The Riddlecode Competition!

At last a competition comes that requires not skill, but brains!

Click here to find out what the competition is about!

Click here to see the news post!


Mars Fi-Sci (Fictional Science (not Science Fiction)),


by Dr. Fizzle 

Are lava beetles coming from the depths to our homeland? Well, surprising evidence suggests that they are, notice the burn marks on the sand around the beaches, it seems that Lava Beetles are going from deep lava to shallow lava creatures. 

What exactly are Lava Beetles you ask? Well, lava beetles are ancient pests that normally nest in the lava sea floor at -300 alt. They consume ten times their body wait in lava clams per day, yet never gain more than a pound each month. 

However there are no lava clams on the beaches, what could they be feeding on? Well, locals near the beach have reported strange bite holes in their housing, I recently had a look at them, and the terrible truth is that they are feeding on Martian metals now, the bite marks were a match to the infamous lava beetle. One local even reported a lava beetle skin in their home - well it turned out to be a hollow rock, nothing else, but I am sill concerned that we may have a problem.... But how are the lava beetles getting on land? Are we dealing with lava beetle? Or some new creature? Why metal, not something organic like the local ploopah? Find out next week...


Weekly Martian Advertisements:

This Advertisement Slot is open, pm Flyclub to submit your mars related advertisement, advertisements are added on a first come first served basis.


Weekly Tips,

By Mr.Mars


Editor's note:

Hi, I am Mr_Mars.  BabaG suggested that instead of making many posts with tips make a weekly post.  I will try to post on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  If you have any tips post them here or pm me and I will try to get them on next week’s issue.  Also if you want to read previous issues Flyclub will post links to them.


Here are this week’s tips:

The first hint other than mine was suggested by Spiffy (pb&j) as a “having
fun tip” but can only be done in 1.9.4.  His definition is as follows: Tea-potting Adj. From the ancient “krunchetonian” (Kruncher) tongue.  "To weave amongst the hoses of the Purple Beast."  This is a game is when you fly as a buggy through the loops made by the huge hoses on the Sea Monster that Kruncher (krunchetonian tongue) calls teapot handles hence Spiffy calling it Tea-potting.

Happiness!!!! In 1.9.4 there is a setting that
allows you to have the conventional camera settings (Laser Tag, Follow,
Chase, RC, Bird, and Observe) or the new slider bar.  To get the conventional camera settings make sure that the “SmartCam Enabled” option is unchecked. (you can edit this option by going into game settings)  If you want the slider bar you select this option.  Also when you have the SmartCam Enabled you can (when you slide the bar all to the
right) you use the UIOJKL keys to orbit around the buggy

 U = Forward 

O = Backwards 

I = Up 

K = Down

J = Orbit Left

L = Orbit Right 

A suggestion would be
use it to look all around the map.

Secrets: of the “Purple Beast.”  The
sea monster in 1.9.4 has a lot to offer and explorer.  This explanation will walk you through the Mighty Purple Beast. We will start with getting in the walls.  To get in, go p to the front of an engine, and go between diagonal, down left spokes on the right engine. You do all of the exploring from there. Next flap around through the areas WITHOUT falling, get enough speed and pull up,then you are in the top section, try flying through the tubes!

Weekly Optical Illusion

Today's illusion! Mars color trick:

To the eye the left mars, and right mars both have different colors.

However in reality, they are exactly the same color.

Find out next week how I did it.

(the circles represent left and right mars (they have no detail so that you can use a computer color meter on them))


Weekly Martian Advertisements:

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The Source:


Editors note:

I recently established contact with an organization of spies - they refuse to give names, ids, anything... Not EVERYTHING per say.... They DO will give updates on the current status of cloner activity.


The Source:

 Reporter Guy: Hello!

Anonymous: Hello.

Reporter Guy: So what is the current status of the cloners?

Anonymous:  Well we have had two sightings today, a large spike compared to the usual Collins harassment,  also a player with an account called Sasquatch is in 1.9.4, the ip is not Willie's... We tracked willies, and Sasquatch's ips, not in the same state.

Reporter Guy: So why is Sasquatch of any importance?

Anonymous: We have information that a player named Sasquatch once cloned, also information that willie used to be a player called Sasquatch...

Anonymous:  BabaG was cloned 2 days ago with the ip


Reporter Guy: Any ip match?

Anonymous: Not so far, all of our agents have been through their databanks...… We know this person was smart enough to find 1.9.4, and as Collins' ip changed often it could be him.

Reporter Guy: Anything else out of the ordinary?

Anonymous: No.


The Weekly How to:

Still in creation



Weekly Martian Advertisements:

This Advertisement Slot is open, pm Flyclub to submit your mars related advertisement, advertisements are added on a first come first served basis.



Picture Of The Week:   

In the first picture look closely, do you se the man?

In the second picture the man is outlined.

I saw that illusion while driving the hover, good thing I had my screen recorder going or I would have missed it!


Mars Quiz:




Well, The Weekly Martian started as just an idea, and had a rough start, after a couple issues Aubrey said it would be a bit... stringent, well all I could think of was to concentrate the newsletter more on actual news. Instant hit. I ran through some informational stuff but it was not actually news, I was under too much stress to publish and gave up.

Later I was asking 2cul2play to publish his newsletters on Flyclub, and found out that it too had died, we decided to work together on it. Since then I have gathered up a bunch of reporters, so if one flakes we have all the others! 2cul2play was unable to publish this week but he should have content next issue.


An Old Idea Volcano.

(no edits have been made this time)

A weekly discussion on Mars Explorer Topics

Written by Thedude

This Weeks Discussion: is a Jet needed?

I was just clicking through the content and I noticed that The Jet has been popping up more and more.

I personally am against the jet as that would just not be fair to the hovercrafts who can't fly and the buggies who would not be able to keep up. But, lets look at this. I think a jet would be great because dogfights would be a lot better, and that's another dimension to the game (or makes that dimension deeper). Also, it would be really cool to have jet to buggy to hovercraft battles. The jet would have a disadvantage in lava because it would just sink, also, the submarine would have a HUGE advantage over the jet because the submarine is always in lava, and the jet would not be able to shoot it. Now, to look at the cons of the jet, somebody would take advantage of the powered flight. Let me give you an example. Say somebody steals quarry in a jet and then decides he wants to keep it, that player could just fly up and up and up out of everybody's range or just go off the edge of the planet out of everybody's range. This would be very bad because that is not in the spirit of the game. Also, like I said earlier, the jet would be able to out fly the buggy and hovercraft. Although I do enjoy the little contest we have going on here, I don't believe the jet is a good idea, not that it has too many advantages, the advantages are just too big to ignore. I'm sorry, that's where I stand. Do continue with the jet contest, I think it is between xana, griffin1 and fly club. I wish the best to all of them and hope their creativity soars in making something that in my mind, should not be on the game. I also personally don’t think we need new vehicles right now because there are bigger problems that need to be fixed. Don’t blow up at me, that is my opinion and I write this to hear your opinions, so do please comment. Any who, I would like to wish y’all a merry christmas, I hope that you holidays are filled with cheer and joy as you spend time with your family. Remember, I don’t think the jet has as many advantages as people seem to think, I just think the advantages it does have (speed, flying hight) are just too big to ignore.

I would like to thank fly club for giving me the chance to write for The Weekly Martian, and I would like to thank Picard for coming up with the name The Idea Volcano. I would also like to thank everybody for reading The idea Volcano and The Weekly Martian, without you, we would not be writing these. Have a safe and merry Christmas/hanukah/kwanza.



Up To Date Idea Volcano

By Thedude

This Weeks Topic: How does Marsxplr affect your Real life?


Well, this weeks topic covers a little asked question, frankly because we're all to
scared to ask it, or we know what is happening. Mars Explorer, like a host of
other popular online games, can become very addicting, and rightfully so, you
get to have fun, talk to cool people from far away places, and overall have a
good time. 

I have seen many examples of how Mars Explorer affects your real
life, they are both bad and good. 

When I first started playing this game, I was
a little more active than I am now, not saying I've stopped exercising
completely, but I am not doing stuff for my health like I used to, doesn't
really bother me, unless I can tell I'm really gaining weight, or I can't do
some stuff that I used to be able to do, I am active enough that it won't be
a problem.

 I also noticed I am losing considerable amounts of sleep playing
this game as well. I try my best to talk to, and play, as many friends as I
can, sometimes that keeps me up late. This is a worsening problem, and I am
getting off earlier now so I can go get some well deserved sleep to get ready
for the next day, I suggest taking a night off as well like I have been doing.

I usually get off by about midnight, sometimes 1 A.M, and am plenty active the
next day.

Also, I am not getting outside as much anymore because of this game,
that is changing along with me playing some of my music as well in my free

Now, Mars Explorer isn't completely bad for you. I have noticed that my
people skills have greatly improved since I started playing, I am more
comfortable talking to new people, and people in general now, and I can proudly
say, an online game helped me out.

I also notice I have better focus now because I have had to focus on the screen to see what's going on, who's quarry, etc.  I have also noticed that my typing skills have improved dramatically, as well as my ability to convey my message to an audience. 

Now, we should not spend our entire day on Mars Explorer. I have found a balance, and realized there is more to life than a computer, I knew that all along, I just forgot, why don't y'all think about it for a minute, there is a whole world right
outside your window, filled with great things.

Mars Explorer is great, and I love to play the game, but I also realize that there is a real world out there,

It appears some of us have forgotten that.

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Re: The Weekly Martian Issue 9
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/03/07 - 5:45 GMT
NOOO!!! NOT PLOOPAH! thank god they feed on metal...  :)
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Re: The Weekly Martian Issue 9
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/03/07 - 5:52 GMT
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Re: The Weekly Martian Issue 9
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/03/07 - 5:54 GMT
I am currently running Auto-link-inserts through the martian.
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Re: The Weekly Martian Issue 9
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/03/07 - 7:48 GMT
Please give comments!
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Re: The Weekly Martian Issue 9
1 day - 3,527v
Posted 2009/03/07 - 22:09 GMT
1 A.M.!!!  Sheesh, I'm usually asleep by 10 to 11, and I have to stop playing at, like, 6-8!
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Re: The Weekly Martian Issue 9
2 days - 7,497v
Posted 2009/03/08 - 4:42 GMT
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Re: The Weekly Martian Issue 9
4 days - 9,839v
Posted 2009/03/08 - 5:28 GMT
well i don't have the getting outside or going to bed one. i'm training heavly for a 30 km loppet (long ski race) so getting outside is good and i usally go to bed 9-10 ish so i'm pretty good with that stuff, but i'm very adicted

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