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Sneak Peek 1.2 for iPhone
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3D GUI, Missions, Highscores, and Much More!
Submitted By admin on 09/02/01
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Here's a video and some screenshots of fun stuff headed your way!

Mars Explorer 1.2 for iPhone is going to include a completley redesigned GUI that is based around 3D animations and super cool particle effects, neglible load times and lightening fast framerates, missions - which involve tagging waypoints placed in many different paths all over each map - with highscores, and more.

ETA of (hopefully) < 1 week ~ plus a couple days for Apple to approve the update.

I have also been doing tons of work on the desktop version - 1.9.4 is right around the corner!


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That is so cool!
1 day - 1,898v
Posted 2009/02/01 - 0:12 GMT
That is so cool! Thank you very much!
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can't wait until 1.9.4 come out, any sneak pe
2 days - 2,703v
Posted 2009/02/01 - 0:27 GMT
can't wait until 1.9.4 come out, any sneak peek for that?
16 hours - 1,458v
Posted 2009/02/01 - 1:39 GMT
I think you should put some of those things on this site
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Yeah, it would be VERY cool if we could get s
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/02/01 - 2:02 GMT
Yeah, it would be VERY cool if we could get some of those iphone features on the desktop version, please do add them.
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What does Spelunker mean?
1 day - 4,505v
Posted 2009/02/01 - 3:32 GMT
very cool, can't wait!
1 week - 27,777v
Posted 2009/02/01 - 3:45 GMT
way cool i like it!!!
thanks for your hard work
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2009/02/01 - 4:10 GMT
Thanks.  I can't wait!
9 hours - 867v
Posted 2009/02/01 - 18:47 GMT
hello all i havent seen the site or the game in ages but it looks pretty awsom aubrey has been doing awsom work gooooo aubrey wooo. also does this for for ipod touch ty:)
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pretty killer
20 hours - 2,151v
Posted 2009/02/01 - 22:24 GMT
thi is pretty killer stuff.  gunna be using my touch a lot more.  but when's multiplayer?

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