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Welcome the Tank!
Submitted By admin on 09/01/16
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1.9.2 has just been released, and the main feature it includes is a completley new tank vehicle.

The articulated tank of 1.9.1 was cool - but the articulation system itself proved too challenging for precision handling on narrow volcano ledges and things, and was a major performance drain on lower end hardware.

The latest tank has 6 independent tracks, each connected to it's body by joints that allow for rotation and vertical spring compression. It steers by driving all the tracks on each side at different speeds (or even directions). Each track weighs more than an entire buggy. It can hit 50 MPH, turns on a dime, is capable of climbing near vertical cliff faces, and fires the red sniper lasers like buggys fire green lasers. It's still very much a work in progress - expect it to change significantly (especially in appearance) before 1.10 - but I am sure you will enjoy fooling around with it.

Due to a whole bunch of adjusted parameters in 1.9.1 to allow the physics engine to handle the articulated tank, the physics of all the other vehicles got altered a bit. They have returned back to normal in 1.9.2 - much to the chargrin of many vocal and dedicated fans. Don't worry - I got the point: we want buggys that fly better. Coming right up :)

Although I can't give an ETA, I am also working on a system that will allow server hosts to customize many parameters of their games - including some physics. Set buggys to fly really good, disable tanks and hovercrafts, name your server "so and so's aerial combat game", and you are good to go!


P.S. At the moment, I am working on a system that will automatically disable much of the physics calculations for networked instances of tanks, which should make them run much smoother in multiplayer games. Look for an updated 1.9.2 today or tomorrow.

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thats awesome!!!!!!!!  so cool
3 days - 10,490v
Posted 2009/01/16 - 0:39 GMT
thats awesome!!!!!!!!  so cool
wat do u think of the jet idea?
ive gotten alot of criticism from babag, olim, and spiffy ALOT
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oh! thank goodness...had me worried...
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/01/16 - 0:42 GMT
oh! thank goodness...had me worried...
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thank you aubrey!
3 days - 4,373v
Posted 2009/01/16 - 1:12 GMT
thank you aubrey!
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1 day - 3,241v
Posted 2009/01/16 - 1:40 GMT
11 hours - 1,148v
Posted 2009/01/16 - 2:34 GMT
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oh, you said that the fps no longer changes,
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/01/16 - 2:35 GMT
oh, you said that the fps no longer changes, that is only if you are on 1.9.2 when they re, when i am on 1.9.1 and they are on 1.9.2, it still lowers fps dramatically. 
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i likes the tank in 1.9.1  because of th
6 hours - 558v
Posted 2009/01/16 - 2:38 GMT
i likes the tank in 1.9.1  because of the trailer, and when you press the space bar did it make you spin or did i just happen to lose control in 1.9.1?
2 days - 2,703v
Posted 2009/01/16 - 5:03 GMT
in 1.9.1 when the buggy went upside down and touch the ground, it always bounce high up in the air, this stop in 1.9.2 which is good, but then the buggy fly a lot slower now, but then again, you said you will allow the host to change it, so we have to wait, which is not a big problem. the tank look great and control like how a tanks should, but when it got on it side, it kind of hard to get it back the right way up. The fps had a huge improvement which is great too!
13 hours - 1,294v
Posted 2009/01/16 - 5:09 GMT
Thanks for the work you do!!!! the game is great!!! (your right about us wanting the faster buggy back though!!!!)  thanks again!!!!
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Faster buggy?
1 week - 10,901v
Posted 2009/01/16 - 21:09 GMT
To begin with I would like to congratulate you on the new tank, there are lots of things to be improved but it has already come a long way. This was not the primary issue though. I would like to comment on the reactions on the return of the old, non-superpower performance on the buggy. People are complaining that they can not get up fast enough, that they do not have enough speed and that numerous glitches do not send them flying through the air for seemingly unlogical reasons. This just seems weird, due to some adjustments to test a new model of the tank gravity got a lot smaller (I have no idea what happened exactly) and now that people have tasted the supreme speeds and manoeuvrability of the highly affected buggy, they do not want to work for altitude or speed anymore. I agree that the buggy should not have such a drop in speed when the wings flap out, but let's not overdo it, the speed does not need to be quadrupled when not doing anything in flight.
I just needed to make that clear. In a server in which other vehicles are crossed out I can imagine buggies being a little overpowered is no problem, but again: do not overdo it, it really takes the fun away in the long term.
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Aubrey said it, he is working on a system tha
2 days - 2,703v
Posted 2009/01/16 - 22:18 GMT
Aubrey said it, he is working on a system that will allow server hosts to customize many parameters of their games, including some physics and set buggys to fly really good, so you can set how good your buggy fly in your game, over do it or not, you can change it, once Aubrey finish the system and allow us to use it, so just wait
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All the way up
1 week - 10,901v
Posted 2009/01/17 - 8:00 GMT
I know what Aubrey wrote, I was commenting on that. Why would a host not turn all performance all the way up? That was what I meant, it is just always going to happen.
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/01/16 - 21:45 GMT
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5 days - 10,540v
Posted 2009/01/19 - 1:16 GMT
THE TANK IS AWSOME!! THANK YOU AUBREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEE I just love how you can drive over buggies and launch them into the air!!! ITZ SOOOO COOOL!!!!!! XD

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