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Checking In
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Hello Old Friends!
Submitted By thedude on 20/09/16
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Hello there, 
I often think of my days playing Mars Explorer, more so than ever in the current world we live in. 
I hope that this post finds you all doing well and staying safe, whether you check in daily on this old forum or if you just check in from time to time like I do. 
Feel free to shoot me a message if you remember me, I'd love to catch up. 
With Warm Regards, 
The Dude 

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Re: Checking In
1 week - 24,938v
Posted 2020/10/17 - 6:34 GMT
I just had the random urge to visit this site (to scratch some nostalgic itch, I suppose) and noticed that the most recent forum posts were dated this year!

Imagine my surprise to see your username after 5 years now.
Glad to know I'm not the only one who misses this beautiful game and its wonderful and thriving community.

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Re: Checking In
21 hours - 2,432v
Posted 2020/10/28 - 8:43 GMT
Whelp. I guess our urges to be nostalgic lined up, huh? I was just telling my girlfriend about these old days and thought I'd poke in. I hope you're all doing well! I'm doing fantastic, honestly. Despite, as TheDude put it, living in the current world. I don't know if I even have much to say! Other than that I hope you all reading this get to recall some great memories, and eat this good karma I'm about to toss at your face. 
I'm not signing my post. Our usernames are at the top left, this is the modern era, we don't need that shit you two!
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Re: Checking In
2 days - 11,579v
Posted 2020/10/30 - 6:49 GMT
Howdy! I just finally was able to log in after many years. How is everyone these days? I've been on a nostalgia trip as well these days. Nice to see I'm not alone! Thanks for the memories, dude!
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Re: Checking In
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2020/12/10 - 6:23 GMT
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Re: Checking In
1 week - 16,837v
Posted Aug 3rd - 15:16 GMT
Hi Dude :)
I of course see you elsewhere on the internet but we always love a good check-in post.
I always forget how young I really was while being active on here and the majority of my posts are INCREDIBLY CRINGE.  Like, everything I see including my bio or PM's is just too much for my veteraned internet self to handle.
If anyone see's this I check my PM's every once in awhile so feel free to reach out :)
My fb always reminds me around this time roughly 10 years ago my life revolved solely around this game so ya girl is feeling far more nostalgic than usual rn.
Much love always <3 

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