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Formal Apology
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From earth to mars....are you still there?
Submitted By poiuytrewq118 on 16/03/08
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About a year ago I was a played this game like any other. I enjoyed the game, led a clan, and was a member of 2 others. (APC) Awesome Possum Clan (Check em out), (APC) forgive me I dont remeber what it stands for, and (PCC) poiuytrewq118 Combat Clan (mine). I lied about putting up custom maps and found some made by others and used them as my own (This was 2 years ago BTW) My hopes were populatirty in the game. About 3 months after doing it I got alot of popularity and then came the "love letters". People found out and were calling me out on it. I'm now 14 and coming up on 15 in the next 3 months. This is my first time loggin in for over 2 years. I remembered all that had passed and decided to write this up
I would like to appolgize to all players affected by this in anyway.
If MrSniper, yeah, or Pie if you are still out there thanks for being friends from the begining.
I hope that all of you enjoy the game as I did once and have a wonderful day.
I plan to begin playing the game soon. My computer is messed up currently and I'm having problems getting the game to load. I'm trying to pin point the problem....any suggestions?
Signing off!
(APC) (PCC) (PAC) poiuytrewq118 

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Re: Formal Apology
1 hour - 110v
Posted 2016/03/08 - 18:26 GMT
Hey I'm sorry to say that I don't know you but I can say this.

As far as I've seen in the past year on Mars (I've hung around watching posts and stuff not actually playing much anymore due to personal reasons) this game has been pretty much abandoned, sadly. Two years ago this game was in its prime and people would have been everywhere... Now very few remain if any... I'm sorry.

I don't know what happened to them or why each person left or where they went... But if I could lead you in the right direction that I think they went I'd like to.

The game that is the successor to this, terraria? I believe? Is the next best place to look if you can't find them here. However I am not a fantastic source... Like I said it's been a while for me so idk who's in game... Anyone who's still there feel free to hit me up if you would like however I understand otherwise. I'm sorry for your loss. Good luck reconnecting with your friends.

Sincerely, Lex.
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Re: Formal Apology
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2016/03/16 - 1:46 GMT
It's TERRIUM, and bloody hell did I not make it obvious enough? There's a stickied link right there in the content page!
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Re: Formal Apology
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2016/03/11 - 21:34 GMT
Good job!

Many who came to this game would seek significance by any means. All is forgiven, @yolotwerk
(oops spellcheck please) :D

PS - This game doesn't work anymore, try Terrium
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Re: Formal Apology
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2016/03/15 - 4:58 GMT
Haha awesomepossumclan, I remember back then, I can't believe it's already been two years. Anyways your forgiven poiuytrewq118. 
And you really should check out terrium.net it's really fun.
Oh and I can't play mars cause of yosemite unless I use a different computer. But I play terrium sometimes.
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Re: Formal Apology
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2016/03/16 - 1:59 GMT
Wow I'm surprised people are actually still visiting frequently; poiuytrewq118 posted this on March 8th; EmpressLexy responded in the same day, and kruncher responded 3 days later... kruncher I thought you have left to never visit again?
Also, why is it that most of the martians I see around here, cry about how mars is dead, when it is not dead in the way they think it is? There is a stickied link to Terrium on the content page, a link through the "Community Reborn" link, and a link (redirect) through the chat page... is that not enough?!
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Re: Formal Apology
11 hours - 1,765v
Posted 2016/05/04 - 14:04 GMT
correction to Kruncher's comment, the game works fine, there just arent many players. My Best friend and i have played without a problem since aubrey abandon dev. Servers are still up, and gameplay is just as fun as ever.
Terrium is fine, but i find it to be lacking the refinement of what Aubrey made here. 

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