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Greentings, To The Great Beyond!
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Submitted By EmperorEctoshock on 17/11/30
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Electro-Ello', fellow Martians!

God, this place really has become like Mars...

So many memories I made here... so many martian buddies I've made here too. And now, we've all moved on to grander worlds! I hope as many of you as possible see this and know that all of you-- anyone I've ever shareda split second with on thisnostalgic game, are still in my heart and hope you all are doing well.

This is Emperor Ectoshock - veteran of Mars Explorer, attempting to make contact to the great beyond. Long live Mars Explorer!

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Re: Greentings, To The Great Beyond!
3 days - 7,714v
Posted 2017/12/10 - 22:18 GMT
Sorry it gets lonely here... So I have been losing my mind...
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Re: Greentings, To The Great Beyond!
11 hours - 1,145v
Posted 2017/12/17 - 14:13 GMT
I had no idea the forums were still active, good to see mars hasn't been forgotten.  Even now, in my first year of college, I still come back to this place every once in a while.
Feel free to PM me, I'll try to check back for the next month or so.

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