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Aubrey's latest activity: "Memory Hole"
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Go look at the log!
Submitted By Lamp on 15/05/16
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Array Re: Aubrey's latest activity
2015/05/16 - 2:34 GMT
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That "Memory Hole" thing is interesting, so I did a search and found this comment from kruncher: http://marsxplr.com/view-id-10216-c-95173
Quote from kruncher:
There is ONE entry in the mod log where Aubrey set a post to "Memory Hole" so perhaps his unique sense of humor is at play here as well.
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Array Re: Aubrey's latest activity
2015/05/16 - 2:46 GMT
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I tested the "Memory Hole" thing in one of my own groups.
I did this by going to this directory in my group:
/submit-id-14494-setstate-"Memory Hole"
I edited the post, then wrote -setstate-"Memory Hole" on the end.
It disappeared from the content page...
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Array Re: Aubrey's latest activity
2015/05/16 - 2:54 GMT
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Some more tests.
I made a post, then went to this URL:
Which is the same thing as:
http://memory-hole.plexpedia.com/submit-id-14495-setstate-"Memory Hole"
The browser just converts the special characters.
The post says "Active" but it does not appear in the content page.
How weird... Maybe it is Aubrey's collection of stuff for archives or something like that?
Here in the log you can see that I set it to the state "Memory Hole" (with quotes).
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Array Re: Aubrey's latest activity:
2015/06/01 - 19:50 GMT
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