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Final recruiting call
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Prime Aces Clan
Submitted By firespeed on 15/06/26
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Okay so this game is pretty much gone I think, which is sad cause it was such a great game.

The Prime Aces isn't dead, we are working on recruiting more members from Red Crucible and are hoping to get dedicated servers on COD and Halo. And thank's to Legendriver_Fios we have just been put in Nuclear Dawn!   I guess this is the last ship leaving Mars, if theres anyone still hanging about this wasteland, then I would encourage you to join Prime Aces. I guess you could say we're the last active clan on Mars, but I'm not positive about that. There are no big requirements to join P.A.C we ask that you can check the website at least twice a week, and help us out with recruiting, and follow orders from those higher in rank then you.


The website is  http://primeacesclan.wix.com/theprimeaces#!news/c1x9v

This is firespeed, if theres anyone out there on Mars, then I encourage you to join Prime Aces.

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