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Saying my Goodbyes (Possibly)
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Well I guess everyone is doing this sorta thing now.
Submitted By CrimsonPhantom12 on 15/06/19
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This Document originally posted in the "Mars Explorer" Group

     Well here it is. My little spiel about my time on Mars and how I feel about the now official death of it. (Dang, 
when I say it, it sounds very cold and macabre.) I haven't really disappeared off this site. I've always been watching 
the forums on and off to see current events, and would occasionally play under an alias. I've invested a good ~4-5 
years into this game, and, more importantly, this community. 
     Lemme start from the beginning. I first saw this game at a friend's house back in something like 2009. 
Played a few minutes. Nothing special. But I forgot all about it until I rediscovered it a year later and decided to take
the plunge. I honestly don't remember the EARLY-early days of my time on Mars; the part before I had an account. I 
switched names a lot. I didn't get too invested into the community until that point. I met people like Ecto, TheDude, 
Kruncher, Flyclub, and a bunch of others. I didn't get terribly close with anyone in this community, mostly so with 
Ecto and Flynn. But that kinda evaporated at some point as real life took over.

You see, I kinda joined at the tail-end of what most vets would call the "Golden Age". Really bummed I missed it be
cause everyone was all super close when I joined. I played all throughout 5th grade up until the beginning of 7th, 
and was on and off in 8th. Hadn't really touched it in the 3 years since, but I always had my eye on the forums and 
kinda springed up on the proxy "Humour America" forum, which was littered with hopes and dreams being crushed in
the ever so hilarious Corrupt-a-Wish and people lying in wait and trolling on the all-time favourite, Guess Who. Speaki
ng of forums, I was a bit of a pestilence going on about random crap in that year after joining. Shoutout to Krunch
for putting up with me.

I've since matured and learned to love this community despite the fact that I never caught up with that wave of 
new people in ~2012-2013. I even somewhat grown close to people who never met me by me watching stuff like 
flame wars and spam attacks and useless bickering. And I say "grown close" in only the weirdest of ways in that way.
I got a feel for people's personalities whom I've never met ingame or on the forums, let alone real life. This game has
been a constant inspiration to me, becuase I naturally joined as the game just started to decline. I always told 
myself that I wouldn't be one of those people who just up and disappeared into the mists of the unknown real-world 
of real work and real people. I never did truly leave, and I saw Mars through until the official euthanasia by Aubrey 
(shoutout for making this amazing game!).

Well now I have interests in the elusive "real world". I'm just finished 11th grade now, writing my final exams as of 
the week of writing this. I've built a PC recently, I've taken an interest in the inner workings of computers and some 
coding on the side. I've lived in France and I'm going to spend the summer in Italy learning Italian and studying 
literary works like Dante's Inferno. I've taken up graphic design briefly. And you know what? I've made REAL LIFE 
FRIENDS (yay!). Some of you know me as Crim, CP, CP12, Phantom, Crimson, or some variation thereof. Some of 
you even learned to call me by Andrew. But now that it's time to take a bow, I'd just like to send out this message 
saying I never disappeared off Mars, and I'm glad I was apart of this long standing community.

I hope everyone's real world treats them well, as well as seeing success and happiness in the future

Andrew (CrimsonPhantom12)
(Sorry for super weird formatting, working on it)

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Re: Saying my Goodbyes (Possibly)
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/06/19 - 6:41 GMT
Didn't read it all; I'll read it later; but I must say something.
Don't leave! Mars Explorer is not dead! Terrium is going to be released this summer. Terrium is our future. Please come back to play Terrium! Otherwise everyone will be gone when Terrium would be released and nobody would be there to play!!!
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Re: Saying my Goodbyes (Possibly)
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/06/19 - 6:47 GMT
Now I read it.
I discovered Mars Explorer in 2nd grade. :}
I also missed out on the "Golden Age".
Haha, you have the same name as me and Achilles/CarbonTech! So there's actually three Andrews here! :P
If you do have to leave and enjoy your real life, please come back some time to play Terrium. Terrium NEEDs support, or it will die. You built a PC, so try it out with Terrium. I'm not asking you to waste your entire life on Terrium, just devote some of your leisure time there.
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Re: Saying my Goodbyes (Possibly)
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/06/19 - 6:48 GMT
Also to fix the forked up formatting, select all and click the Remove formatting button. Remove formatting
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Re: Saying my Goodbyes (Possibly)
1 day - 5,350v
Posted 2015/06/19 - 18:25 GMT
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Re: Saying my Goodbyes (Possibly)
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/06/19 - 19:36 GMT
Yeh yeh I know. But I didn't say don't leave on all the previous gooebyes because I didn't know what was going on. So now everyone left. Hopefully they come back. They probably will.
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Re: Saying my Goodbyes (Possibly)
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2015/06/22 - 15:39 GMT
"Shoutout to Krunch
for putting up with me."
No worries! Best of fortune to you!
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Re: Saying my Goodbyes (Possibly)
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/06/22 - 21:03 GMT
Oh no! Kruncher got the Courier disease too! D:

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