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Love you guys!
Submitted By admin on 15/06/08
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It's time for a new chapter in Mars Explorer's history - retirement.
This community has been a tremendous source of inspiration to me. From our humblest of beginings, to a month of dominating Apple.com's most popular Dashboard Widget game leaderboard, to our special recognition in the 2008 Unity Awards or the time I realized we were hosting thousands of unique players every day - it's been quite a ride. Over 20,000 of you have registered custom identities via this forum, quite possibly over a million have enjoyed the game at one point or another, and the creative energy so often manifested in our community defies conventional interpretations of the producer / consumer dichotomy.
You dared me to dream that an 18 year old from the forests of Northern Idaho didn't need permission from anyone to innovate. That dedication, insanely passionate followers, and a tenuous satellite link to the rest of our planet was all it would take to bring a new idea into the world and share it with hundreds of thousands of people. Mars Explorer represented a universally-accessible virtual reality where all are welcome to gather, play, and create. I'm more passionate than ever about this concept, but currently exploring other dimensions of life.
You may have noticed the FreeHovind farewell, my AubreyFalconer.com redesign, or an increasingly active Instagram feed. MarsXPLR deserves to be remembered in all it's glory - and to this end, PlexPedia will be transitioning to "archive" mode over the next several days. New user registration will sunset, but veterans are welcome enjoy the community you've all helped to build! From here on out, it's all fond memories and no spammers. To celebrate the occasion, I've just relisted Mars Explorer Mobile on the iOS App Store - and liberated it's former $2.99 price tag.
For the more technically inclined, Complete ATIServer source will be appearing on GitHub momentairily. This is Safarri - PlexPedia - my browser-window-aware session persistence engine - everything. I also occasionally contribute to the Syn3h Touch repo - which offers a fledgling but ready-to-build Android / Syn3h / Whirld experience. Mars Exporer itself is (of course) also open source, and a community member has already begun experiments in Unity5 compatibility.
See you around!

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Posted 2015/06/08 - 1:35 GMT
Oh glorious Mars Explorer! It is time to say goodbye....

The Well of Grief
Those who will not slip beneath
the still surface on the well of grief

turning downward through its black water
to the place we cannot breathe

will never know the source from which we drink,
the secret water, cold and clear,

nor find in the darkness glimmering
the small round coins
thrown by those who wished for something else.

-- David Whyte
from Where Many Rivers Meet
©2007 Many Rivers Press
11 hours - 1,145v
Posted 2015/06/08 - 19:36 GMT
Mars has been a part of my life for so long.  From when I used to play daily games, to now where it's just PMs and occasional forum posts.  It's never left my mind.  I met so many amazing people on here, had so much fun, and will never forget the times I've had here.  Without this place my life would have been a lot different.  It's more than a game.  It's the people here, the way the site looks, the way the forums work, including all their flaws.  All part of the amazing community of Mars Explorer.  
I hope to see some of you again.
-MarsReckoning (formerly dsteenson)
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Posted 2015/06/08 - 20:44 GMT
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Posted 2015/06/09 - 6:06 GMT
Thank you for everything, Aubrey! You've brought us all something wonderful and I don't think we can ever repay you for that. Your creation led to friendships and experiences that will last us a lifetime. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life and for bringing something to ours. 
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2015/06/09 - 18:22 GMT
ahhh ill miss this plase soo much it still has never left my mind usualy ive just held it in the background as a true reminder of how fun it is to be a kid and i still use it not realy. but i like the memories
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Posted 2015/06/09 - 20:31 GMT
A few days ago I had a dream that I met Aubrey Falconer. We talked about some stuff and eventually I brought up the subject of Mars Explorer. Now as we all know, for some reason you quickly forget details from dreams. He said some word which I did not understand (and I don't remember what that word was), so I said "I'm not sure I understand," so I think Aubrey said something about too much work or too stressful (again forgot that, and rapidly forgetting more). Then I woke up.
And... look at this. My dream must've had meaning.
(Not making this up, I really did have a dream of meeting Aubrey. I did one or more times before too. Once I had a dream that Aubrey was a girl O-o )
I had a feeling that installing a redirect on the Content page might set Aubrey to do something.. :P
Well now.
Mars Explorer was the very first online game community I participated in.
It was the first game I played all the time, talked about all the time, etc. When I was in second grade in New Jersey (we were transient a lot back then) I talked about Mars Explorer all the time... drew pictures of Mars Explorer, etc, etc. I introduced a friend to Mars Explorer.
Actually, I found out about MarsXPLR.com and the community later. Before I only knew of the game.
MarsXPLR.com and the rest of the ATI network was my first participation in an online community. It introduced me to the internet. But because I was young and immature, I had trouble at first and got rejected many times. But I came back. Again and again. Before everyone hated me and I was a useless annoying prick, now I am here running Mars Explorer's new site, and I installed a chat page, helped kruncher get Windows on his machine, and even provoked Aubrey to come back by installing Javascript on his website.
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2015/06/09 - 22:24 GMT
Wow, I was just in sandpoint Idaho a few days ago, with a traveling illusion show, that took place at taverns park/ great northern park. I guess it's a small world. Haha!
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Posted 2015/06/09 - 23:36 GMT
Thank you for the substantial impact you had on my life, Aubrey. From treating me so nicely after I discovered hacking many years ago and messed around with your administrative privileges to implementing my very first "Eric's Maze" map to giving me programming lessons over Skype, you have been an inspirationally patient, caring, and passionate role model. I am saddened to see you move on, and I hope I am ready to share that same level of classiness and enthusiasm with others as I assume similar responsibilities in game development.
To everyone still frequenting this forum: the developers of Terrium, Mars Explorer's successor, are still strong. We are set to release the game this summer, and we look forward to perpetuating this long-standing and talented community. I hope for an exciting future, filled with even more creativity and player/developer contributions, characteristic of the family Aubrey created for us here.
With warm regards,
Eric Lujan
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/06/10 - 3:42 GMT
From treating me so nicely after I discovered hacking many years ago and messed around with your administrative privileges to implementing my very first "Eric's Maze" map
You hacked into Aubrey's system and installed the Eric's Maze map yourself?
Sorry but it's not very clear.
To everyone still frequenting this forum: the developers of Terrium, Mars Explorer's successor, are still strong. We are set to release the game this summer, and we look forward to perpetuating this long-standing and talented community.
I was going to post an idea, I just got right now, on the Terrium forum but your domain has expired. My idea is to, when Terrium is released, put Terrium on the Mac App Store. That will give you insane traffic and bring a ton of players.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/06/10 - 3:50 GMT
Lamp, I don't want to hijack this thread, so I will address your questions and comments via PM. Nice to hear from you again, by the way. :)
11 hours - 775v
Posted 2015/06/09 - 23:53 GMT
Thanks dude, for creating the game that got me into gaming. I've made many of my best friends because of your work.
Thanks to all the rest of you for playing the game and making a somewhat good community. 
Good luck with your future projects; I'll be watching for them in the most popular lists ;)
2 days - 5,444v
Posted 2015/06/10 - 5:56 GMT
farewell. its been great. marsxplr has always been a great deal in my life and i appreciate that. good luck out there :)
6 days - 15,285v
Posted 2015/06/10 - 7:14 GMT
Fare thee well Aubrey!
And to my fellow Martians, thank you for all these years of fun! I don't regret a minute of the time I wasted here. :D
4 days - 9,099v
Posted 2015/06/11 - 3:57 GMT
Many...Many months ago I left Mars without a word of goodbye. I never checked my PM's nor did I play the game. This game, this forum, this community has changed me and I've longed to come back...Only now I'm here and the game is leaving. The drama, the friendships, even the distraught moments were all missed so dearly and I will never forget nor have I forgotten the memories shared with so many of you. Aubrey and I didn't ever talk much (if at all) but I want to thank you and everyone else in this community for such an amazing time. I will dearly miss you all and wish to keep in touch somehow... I have kept in touch with a small group of you (most have left Mars already): Acen, _ACE_, Marsreckoning, sv3n, Cal, TheRejekt, Checkers, and a few others that I havn't messaged in a long time. I want to thank firespeed for keeping me up to date on the clan even when I was inactive for so long and for everyone that made my journey a breathtaking adventure. 
When I first became involved with Mars I will admit that I wasn't the greatest person lol. My "lolz, Luv ya, TTYS <3, ;)", and many other things were quite annoying even to my own standards at times (although 2-3 years ago those standards were quite low) But I've grown from all of that and just wanna say I will miss you all very much.
Many of you probably will not care but I've taken on poetry and am looking into Web Design when I graduate this next year. I wish you all the absolute best and hope to hear from you all! I may come on every once in awhile just to check things. Take care :) 
Add me if you want! DM me on Insta so I know you're from Mars :)
Instagram: Kiaree14
2 days - 5,444v
Posted 2015/06/16 - 3:14 GMT
you could always join the mars skype chat, even though its usually desolate and empty. ...sometimes it gets a bit active...
2 days - 11,579v
Posted 2015/06/11 - 5:02 GMT
Ah, farewell! It has been fun. A large portion of my adolescence was spent on Mars, as I began playing without a membership in 2009. From all the dogfights to all of the chats on the forum, all my PMs, the TPOA airshows and the website in general. I've made some friends that I have contacted on other social media platforms and I can keep in touch with them. I will miss all the times I went in anon with Lavalamp and trolled people. This could not have been possible without you, Aubrey. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making this game. I hope you have wonderful adventures in your lifetime, you deserve the best. Thank you for making my childhood a very magical one.
Best wishes,
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/06/11 - 6:06 GMT
Goodbye, folks. It's been wonderful spending time with y'all many years past, and this community has, indeed, strongly influenced my formative years. I hope never to forget (but realistically shall) any of you. You've all provided me with support during my adolescence and during my coming-out when I didn't have many people I trusted or could call friends. I, for a long time, did not believe that I could call people I met online "friends", but I have made so many friends here that I continue to stay in contact with.
If you want to contact me, my Skype is theend31415. Please say your username or whatever. If you want a different form of communication, PM me, I think it redirects to my email now.
Thank you to everyone here that I've ever talked to. You've all been a positive influence on my development as a person, and even if I didn't like you at the time, you've still positively influenced me.
Signing off,
Mark (Ender)+
gg wp
2 days - 7,898v
Posted 2015/06/13 - 18:32 GMT
I first came to mars because the game looked interesting, however the comunity is what made me want to stay.  It's been fun, but all things must end.  So long, and thanks for all the fish.
3 days - 10,628v
Posted 2015/06/14 - 9:55 GMT
It's been fun.
May the future treat you well, Aubrey.
2 days - 8,612v
Posted 2015/06/19 - 18:53 GMT
Good luck man! thank you for making a game that matured me from my childish ways <3 thank you!
8 hours - 923v
Posted 2015/06/20 - 23:21 GMT
GG Everyone.
Looks like Mars Explorer is reaching It's final death rattle. It's been fun. However, I have other stuff to do. While I do still play this game, It doesn't look like It's gonna get further or backward. This is trowa2008, also known as 5l1n65h07_PC in Minecraft but mostly by 5l1n65h07, saying:

"See ya Later"

This isn't my goodbye yet, but we might see each other again...

1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/06/21 - 0:22 GMT
IT'S NOT DEAD!!! http://terrium.cybuniv.net/ 
8 hours - 923v
Posted 2015/06/21 - 20:39 GMT
But that's in beta.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/06/23 - 4:12 GMT
That means nothing. The whole point is, it is in active development, and it will be released this summer.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/06/23 - 6:48 GMT
OH HEY! Aubrey edited his post! :D
20 hours - 3,545v
Posted 2015/06/24 - 16:08 GMT
Wow this has been awhile.
I just want to give my greatest thanks to everyone I've met along the way, you all helped me get through a rough patch in my life and gave me some of the greatest friendships I'll ever experience and likely remember forever. Mars Explorer has had a huge impact on my life, and for that I'm extremely grateful.
Dogwalker signing off
10 hours - 833v
Posted 2015/06/28 - 20:32 GMT
Thanks for the memories, and good luck in all your future endeavors. Really. I've never been the best with goodbyes, though. I haven't been part of the community for a good number of years now, but I remember a lot of faces and colored buggies regardless.
Cheers to you, Aubrey, and to the rest of you. =)
1 day - 5,338v
Posted 2015/07/01 - 4:50 GMT
Ach... a farewell indeed.  
Thank you everyone for all the experiences.
If anyone wants to get ahold of me, feel free to shoot me an email -- emarsh757@hotmail.com
- Your Pali
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/07/04 - 8:08 GMT
Every once in a long while, I come by and take a look around at how everything is doing, even though I haven't played or been active in ages. I'm sad to see it retiring, but I know that it had a fantastic run. Even though I drifted away, I've not found as close-knit a community on the internet anywhere else since, and the times I've spent here will always hold a special place in my memories. Thanks for everything.
1 week - 16,837v
Posted 2016/02/25 - 18:58 GMT
3 days - 9,746v
Posted 2015/07/05 - 8:41 GMT
Dear Aubrey and the Mars Explorer community,

I am a Computer Science major today because of this game. You guys successfully sparked what is quickly turning into a lifelong love of working with computers to make our lives better in meaningful ways. For that, I am very grateful. Thank you all so much for all the good times. Even when things got rough, I still looked forward to checking in almost every day for a good year or two. It's been fun, and I hope to meet at least some of you in person someday.

5 days - 10,809v
Posted 2015/08/03 - 23:08 GMT
I am not one for big speaches, but it has been a hell of a time here. This is Etah signing off. Good luck from Scotland!
Take care,
2 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2015/08/08 - 18:13 GMT
Hello friends,
This game and community has been so incredibly impactful upon my life, I can barely put it into words. 
All I have to say to the users, players, and Aubrey is thank you. Thank you so much for making this little corner of the internet and great place. 
I've been gone from the game, and forums for a while now. The impact on my life however still continues. 
Thanks once again, for all the memories and for allowing me to grow up on here. Thank you.
With Warm Regards, for the final time, 
1 week - 16,837v
Posted 2016/02/25 - 18:57 GMT
Dude, when I think of mars I think of you.
You and I had so many up and down roller coasters on here but in the end we were changed and grew for the better.
I miss staying up late and talking to you about anything in the whole world. Remember when I had to sneak on at like mindnight and my parents only had given me 4 hours of computer time? So like of course we stayed up till like 4 am my time and 6 am yours. Wow that was so long ago.
ANYWAYS, I obviously still am very similar to who I am but I am better for it. Thank you for giving me this experience:)
21 hours - 2,432v
Posted 2017/03/22 - 5:07 GMT
Wow. Reading through all this stuff really brings back memories. And kinda depresses me too? Just slightly anyway. I HIGHLY doubt you guys would EVER see this, but hey. I feel like writing this out, even if it is to no one.
My time on this game was probably shorter than anyone here in this community. And my impact was certainly far smaller than anyone elses. When I started this game I was like... 13, 14? You people were the first damn friends I ever made. I still think about everyone on here. Especially you, Ren! And TheDude! Terrible fucking name, by the way. I thought that sounded weird and cool, but holy shit man! That was so lame! Hell, I say that while I'm named after a dumb song from a mediocre band (and while we're on that, Click Click Boom.) I remember Flyclub fondly too! Man did he raise in the ranks from all us measely players, huh?
Is it dumb that I miss you people so much? I don't know what it is about y'all that always creeps back onto my mind. I mean, looking back I didn't spend THAT much time with you guys, did I? Eh. Maybe it was more than I remember. Or maybe I just miss that time in my life, being all young and shit. Who knows!? Not me!
While I'm rambling, what was that stupid fucking word I used to constantly say? It was dumb as shit and I recall using it as an insulting verb... I also recall saying I was insanely old whenever asked about my age! Dumb kid shit like that.
I realize I'm uber late to this post. Well over a year is a long time to message a forum, but I hadn't come here long before that. The only reason I'm here is because I got an email from Aubrey! I thought that fucker had died or something! A reboot to this thing is taking place, huh? I doubt I'll play it. I don't need it anymore. It's cool for those who wanna create and develope stuff! So that's awesome. But I didn't use it for that. I loved the game for being a game at first but the only reason I spent so much time on it was the community. And pretty much only the community. And I don't really need a group of friends online to escape from the real world with. Hell, I fucking escaped life like a rabit running from a hunting dog. You don't even KNOW how god damn badly I hid and pretended on there! It was foolishly bad.
I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Goop goop, bibbly bop, bim bam boof.
This was nice. I enjoyed getting this out! Yay me.
Anyways. I don't know WHY I still kinda love you idiots, but I do. If you ever do somehow see this, just remember that, ok?
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2017/03/22 - 5:15 GMT
6 minutes later i'm here lol 
just read your post, xD
21 hours - 2,432v
Posted 2017/03/23 - 0:12 GMT
Son of a bitch! Hahaha!
29 minutes - 3v
Posted 2015/08/11 - 5:22 GMT
Please don't die, not yet. Can someone broadcast telling everyone to move to syn3h? That's the closest thing there is to Mars...
(this is about my 3rd account)
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/08/17 - 3:09 GMT
Syn3h is dead yo. Haven't you ever heard of Terrium?!
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/08/17 - 3:10 GMT
Click the "Community Reborn" link on the homepage
Then click the Terrium buggy
3 days - 9,611v
Posted 2015/09/01 - 21:19 GMT
This game has meant the absolute world to me... it was so much fun the past couple years. Being accepted and playing alongside so many people... meeting so many... helping them, and so much more. 
I've had some of the best memories of my life in this game, and it saddens me to see that it is finally coming to an end. I'm gonna miss it so much, and in a way, I truly feel like crying 'cause of all the friends I've made here and may not be able to stay in contact with. But each and every one of you was worth it, the animatiosn and the worlds all the same gratitude, and I would love nothing more than to see this community continue to thrive into future roads and cosmic skies.
Very soon, I'm gonna be posting my farewell post... so I just wanna say that I love you all, and thanks for all the good times everyone. Please, feel free to inbox me at anytime y'all want.
~ E.E
1 day - 3,337v
Posted 2015/09/04 - 16:36 GMT
I don't know what to say; it's been a long time since I hung around here and I've hardly been back. But like many of you Mars played a big part in my life for a while, and I can't deny I miss it sometimes. I had to say something: thanks, I guess. It was pretty good.
1 day - 9,372v
Posted 2015/09/04 - 19:51 GMT
Dang, it's closing? This community and game opened the doors for pretty much my entire online gaming time. Back when I was a little child, with bad grammar, and just the common scrub, I enjoyed the game. I remember how many girls my thirsty self hit on and my quant, non-existant club, AAGF. I had tried to recruit so many people... and dang I was such a scrub back then.
It's been long journey and pretty freaking sweet. So long Mars... you were one freaking awesome game. Stay in touch, guys!
12 hours - 1,500v
Posted 2015/09/06 - 11:43 GMT
Welp. I just came back to check on mars, and saw this. It breaks my heart to know this game is closing to an end. farewell mars, and for good. I loved this game, when i had nothing to do, this game satisfied my fun need. This game will be missed by many of us, and Aubrey, i have to say, this game is an amazing game. Thank you for creating memories and more for all of us. You had made such wonderful time for me on this game. I will indeed miss this game, like i said earlier. Farewell mar explorer.. *lets go of mars explorer* i will miss you. *single tear streams down face*

-Rumi <3 
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/09/15 - 22:00 GMT
MARS IS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!
50 minutes - 35v
Posted 2015/11/13 - 6:02 GMT
Uhg, still annoying, you are.
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Re: Goodbyes
1 day - 2,354v
Posted 2015/09/21 - 15:37 GMT

I’m devastated to find out that this game is coming to an end. The Mars world played a huge positive part in my life during a period of ill health and some of the people that I’ve met along the way have been Top-Class human beings so I’d like to thank Aubrey for all the hard work and persistence throughout this time and for giving me that opportunity.

I had some of the most memorable game plays in history on this game! Play that took every ounce of concentration and the second you broke that concentration, you’d pay hard for it! What started off as an exploration, soon turned into one of the most competitive games I’ve ever played. I’m not a huge gamer, never have been, but this was truly immersive and I would get totally lost in the world of Mars.

Aubrey met popular demands on a regular basis with updates that would bring whole new elements to this game play but the best part in all this was finding the glitches! I remember that volcano glitch like no other! I also remember the time where getting to the top of that volcano was the hardest thing to do in the entire game! How times have changed.. lol.

Either way, Take care all! and thank you to all the players that made it all happen for me.

If you wish to keep in contact - my real name is Gavin Vella (find me through www.gavinvella.com). Some of the original members already have me as friends through various social media’s.

If you wish to befriend me, quote me your game play name and I’ll know where you’ve come from :).

Take care all! and best of luck in all your future endeavours

Gavin Vella (Dash)

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Re: Goodbyes
1 week - 16,837v
Posted 2016/02/25 - 18:54 GMT
Dash we still never got married and we're still engaged. Im still low key salty about it, but it's ok beause we will have that special bond forever :)
Hope you're doing well!
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2015/09/22 - 15:00 GMT
Yeah, haha, I remember that volcano before I new how to fly well. Used to spend hours trying to get to the top!
12 minutes - 10v
Posted 2015/10/03 - 22:34 GMT
2 days - 7,304v
Posted 2015/10/12 - 3:44 GMT
Wow, it has been a long time since I have last visited, and I am surprised that I still remember my password! Anyways, I would like to thank Aubrey for this amazing game, which absorbed so many of us into this little community on the Internet. I hope all of you are enjoying your lives now, I know I am, and that you do well for yourselves in the future. Peace.
17 hours - 1,271v
Posted 2015/10/29 - 1:53 GMT
Oh, wow. Like many others have said, this game was a huge part of my preteen years. It was such a comfort to be around people who could tolerate a stupid kid like myself. I will always remember the good times I had here, and the people I met along the way.
On a lighter note, anyone notice that we did Rocket League years before Rocket League did? That xorb soccer was some fun stuff.
50 minutes - 35v
Posted 2015/11/13 - 5:56 GMT
I feel that mars explorer was a unique childhood experience shared by few people. I am happy to have spent it with all of you.
I met some interesting people..
50 minutes - 35v
Posted 2015/11/13 - 5:57 GMT
I feel that mars explorer was a unique childhood experience shared by few people. I am happy to have spent it with all of you.
I met some interesting people, had useless arguments, had hours of fun, oh man this place was amazing. I loved it. A little microcosm of life.
To all reading this: have a good life. Hopefully, we can meet up someday!
1 week - 24,177v
Posted 2015/11/20 - 16:35 GMT
It's impressive when a seemingly small online community like Mars evokes so many memories from its past players, me included. 
I can't say that I've been the most faithful Martian -- this is the first time I've thought about the game in months -- but when I read this post, the memories came flooding back. I had a love-hate relationship with the little green laser (especially Kruncher's), but it, and more importantly, the people who shot them, were an extrordinary part of my life for short while. I remember counting the seconds to the end of the school day just so I could run to the computer and explore with my friends. Those memories of the hours I spent on Mars will always remain precious to me.
I've always said that it was never the game itself that made this place special, but rather the people that played it. This remains true -- every once in a while I get sentimental, and wish for the days where I could open up a Mars window and enjoy a dogfighty dance with anyone who cared to join. I still miss that.
Life moves on, but as it moves, it moves without one of the best communities of people I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of. Stay special, y'all.
1 week - 16,837v
Posted 2016/02/25 - 18:53 GMT
Love you cuz <3 <3 <3
1 day - 5,173v
Posted 2015/11/24 - 4:38 GMT
Looks like I'm a bit late to the goodbye party, but thanks for all the great memories, guys! :')
9 hours - 1,121v
Posted 2015/12/02 - 6:24 GMT
Although this existed during a pretty cringy time in my life, I enjoyed the game and the forum throughly.
Thanks Aubrey.
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This does matter!
3 hours - 604v
Posted 2016/02/06 - 2:37 GMT
This does matter!
1 week - 16,837v
Posted 2016/02/25 - 18:45 GMT
Thank You so much for everything Aubrey.  This website really changed and shaped who I became as a person and taught me so many wonderful life lessons. I almost feel like I grew up here and that Mars Explorer really was a second home to me.
I have met so many people form so many different backgrounds on here and I have learned so much about the world through them.
I miss the days where cloners and immature playres getting in arguments were the most important thing going on.  I miss all of my friends and the community I had but we have all moved on.
If any of you know me and we haven't talked in awhile PM me and lets get in touch! I am always willing to let people back in to my life :)
But most of all; thank you for creating this website Aubrey.  Your desire for creativity and fun made my life a whole lot better :)
Renny (Nicole)  
1 day - 9,372v
Posted 2016/09/15 - 5:49 GMT
Dang, yo. It's been a heck of a ride. From drama, to starting fights, and being that little annoying brat everyone hated, I enjoyed every bit of this game. I loved making friends, but also being that annoying club leader. 

I remember playing on my mom's laptop when I was supposed to be doing my multiplication tables. Boy, those days have gone.
You guys helped sculpt my gaming experience as it is today. As we're saying goodbye, I do hope you all will remain strong and close to one another. 
You guys are awesome and my gaming experienced benefited so much from this community and game. 
Hopefully you guys will stay in touch! 

With one last farewell,
Edit: Didn't realize I already posted. :^) My bad. 
1 hour - 155v
Posted 2016/11/12 - 4:38 GMT
Hello Friends,
I write this knowing I haven't been on in a while. I've been around since mars 1.0 and I gotta say I'm sorryt to see it go. I was in junior high when I first joined this community and I'm now close to graduating college as it leaves production. I've met some great friends and had some great times here, honestly I'll always have fond memories of you all. Pie, flyclub, kruncher, and the rest- I'll miss you dearly and I hope you're all doing well. Goodbye, old friends- it may have been a simple, rough game but it changed us all more than most would know.
-Waffleboy (Quinn)
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2017/03/04 - 6:22 GMT
whaaasaaaaap waffleboy!
3 days - 10,178v
Posted 2017/03/07 - 6:53 GMT
*Busts in door*
*Entire room is empty*
*Tumblexorb blows by*
Alrighty then.
*Backflips back out of existence*
1 week - 31,397v
Posted 2017/03/10 - 5:22 GMT
Yep same, get in line.
2 days - 8,612v
Posted 2017/03/22 - 4:50 GMT
im still alive :)
some how....
regretably so or not, I am.  for how much longer though o_o
if anyone wants to hit me up on steam (RyuTipsCows) is my name
2 days - 8,612v
Posted 2017/03/28 - 2:21 GMT
i dont want to adult x_x
5 hours - 343v
Posted 2017/04/08 - 13:57 GMT
I just.... I just came back. I just found my old password on my old IPod Touch, and decided to come back. And it's gone. Not gonna lie, I'm sad, but I also recognize that Mars Explorer had an AMAZING run, and will forever be enshrined in our memories. It grew and evolved just like the players that enjoyed it, and did such in much better fashion than some larger MMOs that I've dabbled in since - but nothing really fills the void. This was where I first used the Willowman tag. This was the first true MMO I'd ever played. This was my first step down the rabbit-hole of gaming.
Looking back on some of my posts, I keep cringing at how freakin' ABRASIVE I came off as. I threw new ideas around, tried to shake things up, and yet still bonded with the other players here. But then I did the same thing as kiaree14, and just vanished without a trace... I'll always regret that, perhaps.
Here's hoping I find some of you elsewhere on the Internets. You kids are awesome.
2 hours - 10v
Posted 2018/06/20 - 23:20 GMT
rip mars explorer.
5 hours - 485v
Posted 2018/08/13 - 11:58 GMT
I wasn't here when this was released but I miss the old days of Mars Explorer. So many fond memories were made with many wonderful people. This game and it's community helped me through many dark times in my life. I shall miss this wonderful game my heart is saddened by its sunset. Thank you to the community and thank you Sir Aubrey Falconer. The world of gaming will never be the same without Mars Explorer. I hope to see all of you again in Syn3h.
3 days - 9,611v
Posted 2019/04/06 - 7:43 GMT
I wonder... are there any of you, still floating around in the abyss...?
9 minutes - 33v
Posted 2019/04/06 - 17:29 GMT
I still exist, but not very actively.
2 days - 11,579v
Posted 2020/10/30 - 7:53 GMT
Hey Ecto, it's Sven. Long time no see. I hope you're doing well these days and taking good care of yourself. Thanks for all the wonderful memories that we shared on Mars. You made my childhood memorable, thanks for everything dude.

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