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The Faithful prince returnes
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Submitted By qwertyes on 14/12/05
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Ok so as yall probobly guessed I'm not a prince. Yet also I want to return to mars where I have spent many childhood days playing with fellow martions. But sadly I am to report I cannot play untill further notice. BUT I SHAL RETURN TO THY REALM OF SANITY SURROUNDED BY A VEIL OF AWESOMNESS, POWERD BY DREAMS PROTECTED BY LOVE AND HIDDEN BY LACK OF CARRING BUT I WILL RETURN eventualy. So the meaning of this is that I may have found a way to return but I'm not sure. Now to the third part Questions i have many questions about what has happend during my absence and here they are. Question maybe more is mars dead how many people still play and has any significant changes been made 
                                                                             Miss yall

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Re: The Faithful prince returnes
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2014/12/07 - 18:50 GMT
Mars is wheezing but not yet dead. And new players appear regularly. If you have questions about making the game work please use ibcf's post about Mavericks.
I hope to see you back playing someday, krunch.
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Re: The Faithful prince returnes
3 days - 7,769v
Posted 2014/12/08 - 4:22 GMT
Welcome back! 
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Re: The Faithful prince returnes
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/12/08 - 15:55 GMT
whell umm i can play but not often mom dosent know i switched/changed the time restrictons and soon  may be on mars 3 ND KRUNCHER U LIVE

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