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The Easiest AC Repairs You Can Do by Yourself
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Just like any other piece of technology, AC units break down from time to time. This can occur for a multitude of different reasons and it can seem like you are going to need to replace your entire air conditioning unit.  Do not panic yet though. Instead there are a few repairs you can try yourself before you drop a lot of money calling out the professionals. By examining your air conditioner and trying to figure out what the problem is, you can save yourself money and continue to enjoy the summer.

Your AC unit may show various signs that something is wrong with it. Based on those signs, there are a few steps you can take to try and solve the problem yourself. Listed below are several symptoms and what you can do to repair your AC.

  • Inadequate cooling: During the summertime in the valley, you want to make sure that your air conditioner is working so that you can keep cool. If something is wrong with your AC unit it may not cool down the way you want it to. The first step you can try is to lower the thermostat setting another five degree. If that does not cool down your home, you may want to check the evaporator in the unit itself. If it is dirty, it will prevent your air conditioner from cooling properly. You may also want to check the refrigerant levels in the air conditioner.
  • AC does not cool at all: In some cases, your AC may not cool your home down at all. This could be for a variety of reasons. The first reason may be that the condenser is dirty, which could possibly prevent cooling. If you check and see that it is dirty, you will definitely want to clean it. Another reason that it may not be cooling your home is because your condenser is blocked. If you have an AC unit that is on the ground there may be debris like weeds and grass blocking the condenser unit. Make sure that the area is clear around your AC unit.
  • The AC does not blow a lot of air around: This could be because your filter is dirty. Since your filter traps the dust and allergens that travel through the AC unit, it can get dirty really easily. Clean or replace the filter and see if that helps. If that does not help, check the air ducts and see how dirty those are. Dirty ducts can also prevent the flow of air around your home.
Most of the AC repair you can do yourself involves cleaning. Especially in places in the valley like Phoenix and Tempe, where dust blows a lot during the monsoons it does not take much for your AC to get dirty. So check your AC unit once in a while to prevent these problems. If you are experiencing these problems, and cleaning is not helping, you may want to contact a professional. Professional companies like ACE Home Services will come out to your house and figure out what is wrong and conduct the AC repair for you. So if you cannot fix the problem yourself, or are not comfortable doing it yourself, contact ACE Home Services today.

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