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Black Ops 1 poll (PAC)
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Submitted By PrimeAcesClan on 14/07/22
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Okay, we are going to be in the black ops poll, sorry it was up for an extra couple days I picked a bad time too end it... But yes won, meaning we will be in black ops, We are sort of mainly only in the zombies part since we don't have any online servers yet, and most servers active right now are clan servers.  (RULE 4 Do not recruit in someone elses clan server, it's disrespectufull!) Please, if your not an admin do not recruite people, nothing personel against you, but it's too hard otherwise, you can however encourage people too join by telling them too go to primeacesclan.wix.com/theprimeaces and submitting an application, so you can sort of recruit people. I hope everybody likes being in Black Ops 1!

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