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Droppin' in.
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Submitted By -AAGF-AMERICANEXPLORER on 14/09/16
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What? It's that immature, advertising, playboy named AmericanExplorer back from the dead? No way! Well, anyway guys. I came back today to see how it all is hangin' as I just got my new MacBook pro (with Mavericks :c). Anyway, how is everyone doing? It's been awhile. Any chums still on? I miss the game quite a bit.
Say hi to me if you remember me from the olden days! :)
(If I ever hit on you, sorry... I was a desperate 11 year old back then, and here I am... 5 years later.)

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Re: Droppin' in.
6 days - 15,269v
Posted 2014/09/16 - 5:52 GMT
Hi, AE! I do remember you. I'm doing great! How about yourself?
Oh and if you really miss Mars, both of these should work on Mavericks:
http://terrium.cybuniv.net/ <--- _ACE_ and TheCyberMan's new Mars-based game
Mars 3.0 Download for Mac <--- Flyclub's Mars reboot (multiplayer does work, though people rarely play it)
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Re: Droppin' in.
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/09/16 - 20:24 GMT
huh i would believe that everyone says that there is no way to remove mavericts but im crazy so ill say there is a way just nobody knows it
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Re: Droppin' in.
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/09/29 - 14:04 GMT
interesting ace still stalks forums but cant beat ne in a df YES THAT IS A CHALENGE muahaha partialy caus i sorta wants to speak at ace but i dont thing he gots it anymore 
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Re: Droppin' in.
4 days - 9,791v
Posted 2014/10/25 - 23:51 GMT
I might grab a copy of Mars for my new computer just for nostalgia's sake :)

And I probably don't have the skills I used to have. Haven't played a FPS-like game in a long time.

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