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awesomedude vs loki dogfight
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not for points just for fun
Submitted By awesomedude5678 on 14/05/02
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» awesomedude vs loki dogfight
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Re: awesomedude vs loki dogfight
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2014/05/02 - 3:08 GMT
Nice! You should download Mars Explorer so that you can go full screen and still have crosshairs, it will also solve the problem of your buggy turning white on the high settings. And it would be easier too watch if it was in full screen. Other then that, that was awesome!
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Re: awesomedude vs loki dogfight
11 hours - 1,484v
Posted 2014/05/02 - 4:53 GMT
Ok thanks!
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Re: awesomedude vs loki dogfight
19 hours - 2,498v
Posted 2014/05/04 - 21:09 GMT
you should post more of these, this is what makes people wanna play mars, and what gets me excited about it... also, i think it will intrigue some of the noobs about like what DFing exactly is, and that they could become good and do that too... idk, just a thought

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