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Questions about Syn3h
Submitted By Maine_Coon10 on 14/11/08
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1. Why is nobody on it?
2. When will development finish?
3. Is it even still in development?
Thanks. I can't play because I am on OSX mavericks.

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Posted 2014/11/08 - 21:12 GMT
8 hours - 996v
Posted 2014/11/09 - 2:26 GMT
Is apocalypse going to allow me to play with everyone?
6 days - 15,269v
Posted 2014/11/09 - 3:16 GMT
Only people also using apocalypse/Mars 3, but it's better than nobody.
Have you seen this post?
8 hours - 996v
Posted 2014/11/09 - 22:22 GMT
Why won't Syn3h ever be made? 
And is Mars explorer dying? I don't see many of my friends on here.
Is there something else that I don't know about?
6 days - 15,269v
Posted 2014/11/09 - 22:45 GMT
Aubrey Falconer (the guy who made Mars and Syn3h) hasn't released an update to either game since 2011. I can't say for sure that Syn3h won't ever be made, but it seems increasingly unlikely as time passes.
Mars Explorer is mostly "dying" because of the problem you mentioned in your post--it can't run on OS X Mavericks or Yosemite. Flyclub's Mars 3 builds work though.

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