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Submitted By poiuytrewq118 on 14/03/20
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Re: flyclub!!!!!!!!
10 hours - 1,122v
Posted 2014/03/20 - 22:28 GMT
Hope your interested! I saw his post recenly. Hope you guys are doing ok and all. I've come up with another custom call poiuytrewq's departure I'm leaving it with MrSniper so that he may keep me in memory in the mars community forever. I also will releave mods for the Mac verson meaning the wigit. It will be downloaded like anyother widigt only the name of it will be moded marsxplr!
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Re: flyclub!!!!!!!!
2 days - 11,577v
Posted 2014/03/21 - 3:29 GMT
Hey, if you check the date, that post is from 2010. And clubby hasn't been on since April 2013, sorry. :(

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