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Submitted By Loki42 on 13/12/26
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Hey, the game keeps crashing! I don't know if you all noticed or not! Why?! This picture is what Acen discovered yesterday durring one of these crashes. I'm not sure who hates Kruncher or why, but knock off your crap, sir. Just get the game running again, ACE and whoever is still doing stuff with the game.
P.S. Who hates Kruncher this much still? I don't get that..
Acen's Screenshot

2 days - 8,588v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 19:07 GMT
oh boy, i love it when people have to fess up :D
people get so angry!!
boy i love angry 5 year olds who rage on forums :P
Hopefully this gets somewhere loki
20 hours - 2,588v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 20:30 GMT
geez, what a rage
whoever did this needs to fix it and and shut up
why would you hate kruncher? he greatly hepled mars from what i've heard.
17 hours - 1,449v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 20:35 GMT
That's half true. 
19 hours - 2,498v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 20:42 GMT
Im pretty sure i know who it is... juswt sayin... (maybe)
20 hours - 2,588v
Posted 2013/12/27 - 3:53 GMT
What did he ever do?
4 days - 9,791v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 21:25 GMT
Nobody's going to believe me when I say this but I am not responsible! I will, however, look into it, IF someone can explain EXACTLY what causes it. Rather than "crash then f**k kruncher" or "i took picture"

I keep promises, contrary to a CERTAIN "CONTRIBUTOR"s accusations.
17 hours - 1,449v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 21:33 GMT
There are problems specific to browsers:
Chrome crashes Unity Web Player every time you try to Play in Browser.
When you join a game in IE you lose the connection for everyone in the server. When you host a server and someone tries to join it gets stuck on "World Loading WWWError," which has happened in the past, or it gets stuck on "Downloading World Definition" (I think that's what it says, but I can't be certain, I've only had reports of that happening from several players and I can't get the right wording).
Honestly, I don't believe you :)
I do believe that you will fix the problem, though. Use those mad skilz, brosiff. 
4 days - 9,791v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 21:38 GMT
Browser specific must a Unity bug, and I think Acen modified the contents of that screenshot. Source: Acen himself. I can provide screenshotted proof of that.

Not that I don't approve. I kinda wish I had sabotaged the world loading. But a browser-specific problem will be simply due to Mars' age
17 hours - 1,449v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 21:46 GMT
Well, that sucks. Can you fix it?
4 days - 9,791v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 21:58 GMT
I can't fix anything on this game.
Hint is in the type of bug. UNITY bug. Their software (version 2.6 of their software) is broken on new systems. Simple.
17 hours - 1,449v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 22:19 GMT
So... what? We just send in Error reports until they update?
4 days - 9,791v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 23:47 GMT
No. They have updated, Mars hasn't. Mars broke.
2 days - 8,588v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 23:14 GMT
how did you know acen had the photo?
and i can assure u, this is not a doctored photo.
17 hours - 1,449v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 23:48 GMT
Wait, who's picture is it?
4 days - 9,791v
Posted 2013/12/26 - 23:56 GMT
Also undoctored
17 hours - 1,449v
Posted 2013/12/27 - 0:18 GMT
He didn't type it into the search bar, it was in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. You know how when you hover over something that white bar pops up? That's what it's from.
4 days - 9,791v
Posted 2013/12/27 - 1:14 GMT
Ah ok. All world URLs used by Mars are here:
... so if you find that thing about kruncher there, it will be found on Mars.
And I retract all accusations against Acen based on my re-reading our conversation. I misinterpreted him. Sorry, bro.
35 minutes - 27v
Posted 2014/03/14 - 22:49 GMT
Yeah your right loki.
2 days - 8,588v
Posted 2013/12/27 - 5:06 GMT
debating if i should read the entirety of dat.marsxplr.com/upd3
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2013/12/27 - 0:03 GMT
Wait, ACE were did you get that picture?  And I don't get why anyone would hate Kruncher.
4 days - 9,791v
Posted 2013/12/27 - 0:16 GMT
I'm not sure if you're pretending to be stupid or you really actually ARE.
17 hours - 1,449v
Posted 2013/12/27 - 2:00 GMT
Don't be like that. He probably just doesn't know the history. Take it easy. 
2 days - 8,588v
Posted 2013/12/27 - 5:14 GMT
Below is an image of me search key words of the hate phrase about kruncher,
Nothing came up.
dat.marsxplr is the main online directory for the game.
nothing came up as previously stated.
Nothing here.....
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2013/12/27 - 16:17 GMT
I have been playing this game 4 years, I know my some of my history, I knew Kruncher but I just don't know were you saw that image. And yeah I'm not the smartest.
2 days - 8,588v
Posted 2013/12/28 - 4:27 GMT
Been here long time too (1.3)
Kruncher has helped this community, the only person who'd hate him is someone who hated the community.
thats one reason i feel ace was pushed (forced) into the spot light of guilt (falsely).
whelp enjoy this terrible song i have for all of you <3
6 days - 15,269v
Posted 2013/12/29 - 11:33 GMT
re. kruncher: seems neon knows mars history better than any of you guys do.
6 days - 15,269v
Posted 2013/12/29 - 11:27 GMT
Lol, the names and IP's at the bottom of the world URLs page:
b= Andrew
b2= Fai
b2= Flittermice
b2= Flittermice
b2= BluePython
b2= Kruncha, ThyDude, etc
b2= JimElite12 / *****club
4 days - 9,099v
Posted 2013/12/29 - 22:28 GMT
HIGHLY UNLIKELY but i have a few names that may be the ones doing this. When kruncher and other members had their fuss about stuff things were said...its quite obvious at some points of who it might be. But lets not point fingures just yet
17 hours - 1,449v
Posted 2013/12/29 - 23:26 GMT
PM me and IBCF please.
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2013/12/30 - 18:10 GMT
Okay I have been searching for an old post, AND I MEAN OLD! Anyways I have been going page to page trying to find it, it might help us find out who this is.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2014/01/01 - 4:26 GMT
Re: Mars was hacked before by this guy, thankfully I loved spamming him. 

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