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Some advice
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fer you young whippersnappers
Submitted By ffroggy on 14/02/06
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Citizens of Mars,
Many of your faces have changed. It has really been a long time since I was here last, and it has also come to my attention that in many ways, Mars is moving on. Powered by a community of people that are casual players, Mars will continue with its plethora of worlds for a long time, slowly burning through the population of its users that will keep on replenishing. Why? Because Mars Explorer is an amazing game! Congrats to you who have found it. From someone who has been here since the last days of the Golden Age (a term used to describe what was arguably the most amazing part of Mars' history, a time when the moderator system was introduced, when it seemed like new worlds were released almost every week, and when things were somewhat more simple for those of us who have gone on in life (many of them off to college, I might add)), I want to give you some advice (hence the title).
1. There's a bunch of awesome stuff about this game! For me, this game was the perfect intro into the world of 3d modeling, animation, and more. Did you know that you can actually create worlds for this game? It may seem beyond you, but anything is possible for those of you who put your minds to it. Also, it's really not that hard. Although none of my worlds have made it into the game (due to the fact that I haven't exported them), I've had a lot of fun creating bunches of worlds for my own enjoyment. The way you do this is with a program called Unity3d and by downloading the Whirld project (you'll need Unity 2 if you want to make worlds for this game). Get to know the program, get to know whirld, you'll love it! Additionally, you should also get some programs like Blender and Sketchup, which are both free, and if you're really feeling adventurous, you can pay some money or get educational licenses for products like 3ds Max. Explore! Let this game be the stepping stone to deeper worlds of computer knowledge.
2. Stop getting mad at eachother. It always happens guys. You don't really know the other people in this game, you don't know what they're going through, you don't know why they act like they do, give them some breathing room! And for you grumpy folks who don't really have a reason to be that way... lighten up! It's not that hard :)
3. Don't form clubs, and don't start wars. Earlier on in the history of Mars Explorer, it was once really popular to be in clubs, and while certain clubs (like the Aerial Combat Club) continued on for a very long time with prestige, most others degenerated. People love to take sides and engage in conflict. Don't fall for that! Folowing that early period of clan wars, there was kind of a big backlash against clubs, until pocketMAD started EHLHR (or something like that), which went for a little while before burning out. That, however, inspired me to start a club, the CAP (community awareness project), whose entire purpose was to refresh the forums, keep them alive for years to come. It burnt out too, but had more than 30 members at one point. Now, people began realizing they could start clubs of their own! With a huge influx of new members leading off of the golden age and the CAP, people began starting their own clubs (with no memories of the old clan wars), and this just started an entire wave of huge clubs that usually burnt out pretty quickly (all organizations need a purpose to continue on, after all). It's kinda pointless to start a club, it'll probably die unless it has a good purpose and continues with prestige, so why bother? (chances are that it won't btw :) )
4. Be NICE to newbies
Many of you may not stay on the forum for too long, so don't worry about this if that's what you're planning on doing, but otherwise, you will get older, you will mature, you will get a set of expectations for behavior on the forum, but don't let those expectations get ahead of you. I've seen a great many things happen to a community because of expectations. Because of pressure from people you don't even know, you might feel compelled to do something just right, and that's just not what should be happening. Our previous community of commited followers died out for a couple reasons, but chief among them was that 
5. If you're good at coding, go modify the source code and release your own version! That's right, this game is now open source! Links are stickyed at the top of the forum, you can download the project yourself, make modifications, and be awesome :) This game will most likely not be upgraded or continued unless you, the community, do it yourselves. Best of luck to you!
6. Do what you can to ensure that Mars continues on. Commit to the future of Mars, bring it into the modern world! I believe in you guys, you have the power to continue on the forum and this game long after we've left. Good luck.
This is, in some ways, my goodbye. I will be very busy for a while, and I will probably check in every once in a while. Shoot me a PM and I'll be sure to respond when I get the chance. Best of luck to you guys
yours truly,

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Re: Some advice
3 days - 9,368v
Posted 2014/02/08 - 4:51 GMT
Very nice, ffroggy! :)
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Re: Some advice
20 hours - 2,588v
Posted 2014/02/08 - 22:50 GMT
Wow, ffroggy, these are some GREAT tips! Thanks for taking the time to write all of that. If in fact this is your goodbye, farewell! The mars community will miss ya.
PS If you get the chance, could you export some of those worlds? That'd be cool, not necessary, though. Just if you get time =}
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Re: Some advice
3 days - 9,746v
Posted 2014/02/11 - 2:17 GMT
Thanks MrSniper,
Unfortunately, I believe my worlds were lost when I was forced to wipe my Hard Drive on my old computer. I'll have to check again, though, and perhaps I will end up exporting some of them if they're still around :) Thanks for asking, I'll make a post if that happens.
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Re: Some advice
20 hours - 2,588v
Posted 2014/02/15 - 3:59 GMT
Ok, great! Thanks.

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