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Crashing Your Game?
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Submitted By poiuytrewq118 on 13/11/26
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Hey, I'm having troubble. Always my game crashes after leaving full screen mode. I don't know if you guys have this same problem, but it's anoying. If you know how to fix this problem please post a comment that tells me and others with the same problem.
Thank you
      - (poiuytrewq118)
This below is what you normaly see while this poblem is in act.

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Re: Crashing Your Game
1 day - 1,357v
Posted 2013/11/27 - 3:19 GMT
hmmm, thats wierd I've never had that happen before, but what kind of computer you on? if its old that might be the problem. 
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Re: Crashing Your Game
10 hours - 1,122v
Posted 2013/11/27 - 15:32 GMT
I'm using my macbook
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Re: Crashing Your Game
4 days - 9,099v
Posted 2013/11/27 - 17:54 GMT
I never go to full screen cuz it freezes everything. I just enlarge the window, i have a windows 7 laptop and i use internet explorer.
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Re: Crashing Your Game?
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/06/19 - 16:03 GMT
that would explain a lot

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