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Eternal Silence- Sorrow Chapter 2
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Chapter 2
Submitted By Sv3n on 13/02/10
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Chapter 2


            “Yeah, Mom. I finished.” I said to my mother. “Good for you. Now I’ll go check this one more time, but you can go play Xbox if you like,” she replied. I grinned, turned, and then sprinted upstairs. I eagerly turned on the Xbox and then waited. I immediately started talking to my friend and played Black Ops 2 Zombies. “Dude, finally. I can play! I finished up science and now I’m waiting for my mom to check it all.” “Sweet- now hit box, you have enough points.” “Yeah, okay. Hmm… YES!  I got a HAMR! This is great!” I exclaimed. “Ha-ha. Awesome, now let’s go open this door,” he replied. We sprinted over to the door, dodging any zombies, and opened the door. As soon as he opened the door, my Mom called for me to go finish these last few corrections. “Aww. I have to go. I’ll see you… in about 10 minutes, I suppose,” I said sadly. “Ah, okay. Bye,” he replied. I turned off the Xbox and ran downstairs.

            Mom was there waiting for me. “You don’t have many corrections left, Jared. You basically just need to add more on your definitions of water,” she said. I nodded and grabbed the computer and walked away. I began typing more to the definitions. It was hard work and not all of them were very good. A lot of the uses for the types of water were irrelevant to the science project, and I didn’t know why we needed to know types of water. Well, maybe because we were coming up with an idea for evaporation suppression. I never had the chance to finish my definitions, because an alarm went off.

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