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Eternal Silence- Sorrow Chapter 1
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Chapter 1! Describes the basic setting of the first part...
Submitted By Sv3n on 13/02/10
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Chapter 1


I walked down my long, rocky driveway, headed to the store to buy food for tonight’s dinner. The rain fell onto my head and shoulders, making me shiver. I sprinted across the street, wanting to get this all over with and get home. A car honked at me and I didn’t know why, but screamed at the guy. I walked past the car and the driver was glaring at me. I turned my head and noticed that I was almost at the store. The car drove away and I ran to the store with a note in my pocket.

            The first thing I felt when I walked inside was warmth. I shivered, though, and crossed my arms. Why was I here, anyway, when I could be working on science fair background information? I didn’t know. I walked over to a table and looked at cookies. I wanted to know the date so I could get some for my brother, Cal, and sister, Maile. Just throwing it out, but, I wasn’t a big cookie fan. I then walked over to the frozen food section or whatever. I didn’t know the name, and frankly, I didn’t care. I had been an apathetic person for quite a while, and had lost some empathy. Or I wasn’t born with empathy. Again, I didn’t care. I grabbed some microwaveable pasta for me and a different kind for Maile. I grabbed some Mac n’ Cheese for Cal. He doesn’t eat much.

            I made my way to the counter and paid for the food. Afterward, I walked out of the building on my way to home. I wanted to get home to finish my science and be able to play Xbox.

            FINALLY, I made it back home. I opened the door to see my sister bringing her computer downstairs, grumbling. After dropping the food on the kitchen counter and giving my parents a hug, I walked upstairs and grabbed my computer. I sat down and began typing up my revised part of my background information.

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Pretty cool!

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