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Debate on the hills
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whether or not to let people live on the hills or remove them alltogether
Submitted By Orien123 on 13/02/03
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Hi its Orien123 from ADTV and I was wondering i I could hear your thoughts on whether or not the hills in the forest region of ADTV should be kept or leveled out. If they were to be kept, houses, waterfalls, fountains, and anything in the caves of the hills would be removed. On teh upper hand, a flat terrain makes it easy to put up even more houses and structures that would benefit ADTV. If you have a comment to make about what we should do feel free to tell me here or on Crafthub. Thanks!

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Re: Debate on the hills
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Posted 2013/02/05 - 12:07 GMT
I really like the hills, we can flatten out the tops of them, make waterfalls, caves. I think it looks natural. I really hated the all flat area because it doesn't look like a town. I beleive that we should keep the hills.

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