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New game idea (non-official)
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Submitted By officialspeeddemon on 13/01/06
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one team has the quarry, and there are 1 or more bots, the quarry leads the bots away from the other team and the remaining team members defend the bots from the other team (some can defend the quarry)
the other team wins by either shooting each bot at least once or taking the quarry, if any player gets shot at they have to respawn and they cant shoot whilst respawning
there are 2 rounds, each team takes turns, whoever lasts the longest wins.

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Re: New game idea (non-official)
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2013/01/07 - 0:06 GMT
Nice idea. I might try that.
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Re: New game idea (non-official)
4 days - 9,791v
Posted 2013/01/10 - 9:50 GMT
Like it. Would work with the L hits respawn otion turned on...
You'd need a timer though. Someone unbiased. ;)

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