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Submitted By pocketMAD on 13/01/05
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I was reading stuff and it said he went to prison for TAX purposes. That means he was trying to steal. Why should we let him out?

1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2013/01/05 - 3:05 GMT
Maybe he was poor and couldn't pay or it?
1 week - 31,391v
Posted 2013/01/05 - 8:55 GMT
What? Did I miss something?
5 days - 8,142v
Posted 2013/01/23 - 0:43 GMT
He could pay for it, he invested money into a creation themepark.
And even if he couldn't he could always pull an Oral Roberts .
But Hovind doesn't WANT to pay taxes, and that's illegal.
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Posted 2013/01/31 - 6:57 GMT
He was republican?

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