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Episode 2
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Submitted By Lamp on 12/09/30
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Episode 2: A long day


   The base looked rather old and almost seemed abandoned if not for the ten or so soldiers walking about or guarding the perimeter. It was a small base consisting of six in-ground missile silos clustered together in a two-by-three rectangle with bunkers carved into small hills, each fitted with a blast door facing the long end of the silo group. The base was lined with a chain link fence with a gate on each side to allow vehicles and soldiers through but was otherwise defenseless; it likely averted attention through it's looks. There wasn't much around the base than dirt for a good distance, the forest I emerged from I would estimate at about a kilometer away. As I walked between the silos I could only guess that the base was discovered and re-activated as for I couldn't imagine the construction of the base being both supplied and defended.
   My escort of four guided me toward one of the bunkers; the blast doors were already open as we entered. The first room was empty besides two rather steep ramps leading down, giving me a bit of trouble as my guards lead me down. The ramps didn't lead anywhere though, just another empty, rectangular room. My escorts however lead me toward the back wall before stopping me. I wanted to ask what was going on but considering that these guys are pretty much my kidnappers I stayed silent. One of the guards moved to the wall and leaned his back against it.
"So what makes you so special?" he asked. 
   I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing.
"He's probably one of those special forces guys," another guard chipped in.
"I'm nobody," I said.
"Then why the hell do they have us babysitting you?" the guard against the wall said.
"Look, I don't know. I've just spent the last week or so in the back of a truck going to god knows where. Could you give me a break?"
   The guards all gave me a look, as if I was hiding something. I couldn't believe I just snapped like that, but it seemed to ease their curiosity a bit.
"Fair enough," the guard on the wall said. He then pushed in a panel on that wall. Like something out of a movie, a hidden doorway revealing a narrow corridor appeared.
"No names," he said "And get out of my sight already."
   Not wanting to spend another moment with my "escort", I went into the passage. It was rather plain with a few lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling to go by. A corner obstructed my view of the end, but the corner was obstructed by three guards facing away. As much as I didn't want to deal with any more security, I didn't really have anywhere else to go. Before I could get close to them, one of the guards turned around and saw me.
"Hey!" he yelled down the corridor, producing a slight echo. The other guards turned around. "I'm not in the mood," I shouted back. The guards looked puzzled, but they got the idea. They parted as I went by and rounded the corner.
   There was a metal door just a few meters around the bend. Eager to avoid any more confrontation, I pulled the handle. It was locked.
"So you don't have a key," one of the guards said. Great. I was stuck with these guys.
"Yeah," I said. The guards didn't do a good job of hiding their displeasure.
"You'd wonder how many guys they would need," the guard said.
   It was at that moment that I noticed none of the guards had guns. In fact, none of them were in a uniform.
"You guys aren’t guards, are you?" I asked.
"Nope! But at least now we got another guy to talk to."
"So, we're stuck here until someone comes and unlocks the door for us."
"Yeah. So how did they get you?" It might have just been my mood, but this guy was annoyingly optimistic.
"Wasn't that hard. I was already conscripted, not like I had any say in this." One guy laughed.
   "You idiot," he said. "Why the hell would you sign up for the military?"
"Screw you," I said.
"Screw you!"
"Knock it off," the last guy said. "We're all stuck here, might as well make the best of it."
"He's right," the first guy said. "So shut up."
   I sighed. This was turning out to be a long day.

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