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Any Windows C++ programmers out there?
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Hello World.. lol
Submitted By Sv3n on 12/11/26
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Hi! I mean, Hello world! I was just wondering if any of you reading this happen to use Windows and know C++ programming. See, I'm designing a Chat for Mars players, and I'm making the login form. But, I ran into a problem! I declared all my variables, and I tried using WM_Command to make ID_LGN, a login variable, work. I got NO syntax errors, none, so it compiled just fine. But I tried clicking on the button, and nothing worked! So, if you can, can you please help? Thanks! :P 
I know there may not be many programmers in all of plexpedia, but I was just wondering.

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Re: Any Windows C++ programmers out there?
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Posted 2012/11/26 - 20:58 GMT
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