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The Outcasts- A New Beginning
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Chapter 1
Submitted By Sven_TPOA_SWA_737 on 12/09/10
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Chapter 1

I walked into the living room. “Jared,” my Dad called. “Come look at this.” I walked over and sat down with my brother, Cal, and my sister, Maile, and my Dom. Dad un-paused the TV to a newsman. Behind him people were running and a few were screaming.  “Today, September 8th, 2012, the President of the United States has been assassinated, along with the members of the Congress.” My draw dropped. “No,” my mom said with tears running down her cheeks. “This can’t be.” “A new government has taken over. Our new leader, President Isaac Jacobsen wants to cut down on earth’s population. Commercial aircraft are now grounded and are not allowed outside of the U.S. Military aircraft have permission to fly.”  So that’s why I haven’t seen any commercial planes today… “This guy isn’t getting killed or anything. Why?” I asked my parents. Mom shook her head, clearly as confused as I was.  As if on cue, the newsman said “This has been brought to you by NW News; New World News.

Dad turned off the TV. “Come on,” he said. “We have to go. Get your things.” My mom and sister were sobbing. “Hey, Cal, an adventure!” I said trying to lighten the situation. “Yeah, this is gonna be great!” he replied with as much sarcasm as he possibly could. Mom grabbed our thermoses and made microwaved pastas for us and Dad brought out sleeping bags. “Where’s our tent?” Maile asked. “In the car,” Dad replied. “Can I get my computer and phone?” Cal and I asked. “Sure, why not. I mean, there’s a slim chance of ever being able to use it again.” “…Ok,” I said and sulked upstairs. I packed my charger, computer, phone charger, and phone. I sure hope I can use these. I can still text my friends—if they’re still alive. I sure hope they are. I went downstairs and my mom let me download my favorite Melodic Death Metal songs, like “The Emptiness from Which I Fed”, “Lethe”, and of course “Lost to Apathy”. “Mom?”, I asked, dread filling me. “Can I go back up to my room one last time?” “Sure, Jared. I’ll come with you.” I smiled. I walked out of the kitchen I had so many memories of and into the hallway. I stopped to look at the office, full of junk. I smiled and remembered when I would be in there on the computer as a child. I turned and walked up the stairs. I turned left and saw my sister’s pink room. I walked down the hall to my room. I went inside. I almost got teary-eyed. I sat down on my bed, went under the covers. I wish life would just be normal again.. I’m really going to miss this room and house. I grew up here. “Time to go,” Mom said, interrupting my memory moment. “Ok,” I said. I got out of bed, tucked in my sheets, even though I knew I would not be coming back. I walked took one last look around the room. I walked to the door. “Goodbye, old life,” I said and closed the door one last time. I walked out of the house, the house I had so many memories of. The door shut with a thud. I didn’t look back.

We got into the minivan. “I brought Timmy,” Maile said. Timmy, our black and white cat with a mustache, purred softly in Maile’s lap. “Good. I can have company besides you. Thank God.” I said with a grin. “Everybody in?” my Dad asked. He counted the family of 6. “Oh, no! I forgot Kevin.” “What?” my mom asked. “We’ll have to… set him free.” No! Kill him! No! As if reading my thoughts, my mom said “We don’t have to kill him, just put him the toilet.” We walked back into the house and did the quick deed. I savored the last moments in our home. NOW, we closed the door one last time and we were off.

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Re: The Outcasts- A New Beginning
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Posted 2012/09/10 - 3:19 GMT
"My draw dropped."
You mean "My jaw dropped"?
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Re: The Outcasts- A New Beginning
2 days - 11,431v
Posted 2012/09/10 - 3:21 GMT
xD It's a metaphor. Have you ever read that? 
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Re: The Outcasts- A New Beginning
3 days - 8,344v
Posted 2012/09/10 - 22:11 GMT
Good writing so far. I'd like to ask you one quick question. 
1. Why would you need to leave? Are bombing raids about to happen? 
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Re: The Outcasts- A New Beginning
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2012/09/11 - 0:11 GMT
You'll just have to find out!
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Re: The Outcasts- A New Beginning
1 day - 5,173v
Posted 2012/09/14 - 10:10 GMT
Nice start sven! :D

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