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Pirating illegal? You decide.
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Submitted By Stryker on 12/08/13
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In the U.S. a law says you cannot hack or take something that is under copyright. TPB (The Pirate Bay) is in the Netherlands, where it IS legal. So when you open it up in Swedish and pirate it, nothing is broken. And when you do it in the U.S. its transported, no law against that. And a lot of things can't be hacked now in days, only really powerful hacker. But when you download...lets say OSX Mountain Lion and you check who is registered with it, it says a different person so someone bought it and shared it, nothing illegal there. A lot of games need to be registered and showed paid like COD for Mac and PC (i dont play them) so someone buys it registers it and shares it, no copyright and law broken. 
Then serials, you share those that are like 50x people can use it for this game and share it, you paid for it and your sharing, nothing bad there. 
So as you can see 90% of those that are pirated have to be bought and registered to work so someone already bought them and shared them with others, the guy got what he paid for and shared it with others, the company gets the money and the people gets to use them. 
Or one person registers it and 100 others get to use it, there isnt a law that says you cant do that.

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