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Submitted By Lamp on 12/08/15
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What is a torrent? I go to the download page for mars and it says something about torrent. Why should I leave the torrent client running after download? How does it make "the mars experience better for everyone"? I don't understand what it means. Go look at the download page and tell me what it is talking about!

2 days - 4,338v
Posted 2012/08/15 - 14:22 GMT
Torrent is a client that downloads files. It also helps speed up the download time for everyone by sharing the file when it's done with the download. This is why it's better to leave the Torrent client open after completing the download. Hope this helps!
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2012/08/15 - 17:28 GMT
(to expand upon what whippet has already stated)
Torrent is designed to relieve stress on popular downloads --
You see, usually, downloads are available form only one spot. That means, that if tons of people download it from that spot at once, the download will be slow. What torrent tries to do is turn your computer into a server once you have downloaded -- meaning that if the server is super slow, they can download from you instead.
However, this means that torrent can also be a source for ripped movies and CDs, and due to the P2P nature of it, it is almost impossible to tell who shared what first, and therefore very hard to sue all involved. Torrent can also be misused -- Someone can program a hacked version of bit torrent which sends you viruses instead of the program you wanted.
In general, I recommend just using direct downloads whenever possible lol.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/08/15 - 20:05 GMT
I always use direct download.
Torrent doesn't work.

And that's why OS X Lion from The Pirate Bay is a torrent. It s very large.
2 weeks - 18,835v
Posted 2012/08/16 - 3:11 GMT
Why would you download an OS.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/08/16 - 3:30 GMT
To get it on my computer and install it, duh.
2 days - 4,338v
Posted 2012/08/16 - 19:41 GMT
Why would you download it from Pirate Bay?  Isn't that *slightly* illegal?
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/08/16 - 19:54 GMT
I didn't download anything from pirate bay. I tried to but the internet was too slow and the loading bar didnt move.
But newest versions of OS X is downloaded from Mac App Store.
5 days - 10,809v
Posted 2012/08/16 - 20:03 GMT
You tried to be illegal! :O
2 weeks - 18,835v
Posted 2012/08/16 - 20:43 GMT
OSX Lion is like 20.00 dollars. Don't be cheap.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/08/16 - 23:02 GMT
Cheap? It's the worlds most powerful desktop operating system.
The reason why it is cheap because it is hosted on the Mac App Store, instead of making billions of disks for it.
1 week - 20,818v
Posted 2012/08/16 - 23:24 GMT
Torrents are not techniclly Illegal.
Aurbey probably put it in a torrent so if the website got shutdown from all the CISPA and ACTA crap going around you could still download the game. 
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The worlds most powerful OS isn't Lion, Its Windows/ Linux
1 week - 20,818v
Posted 2012/08/16 - 23:21 GMT
Don't talk about Torrents here!
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Linux isn't Powerful, it is a small and weak OS. Continued in comment.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/08/16 - 23:46 GMT
Continuation of Title:
Windows isn't powerful either, it is bulky and glitchy.
Mac OS is simpler and more sturdy. (Still a few glitches, I found 1 with DVD Player and fullscreen mode)
Back on topic!
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Re: Linux isn't Powerful, it is a small and weak OS. Continued in comment.
5 days - 10,809v
Posted 2012/08/17 - 7:52 GMT
Wow! I am amazed at how long this post has gone on for! :D
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Re: Linux isn't Powerful, it is a small and weak OS. Continued in comment.
2 weeks - 18,835v
Posted 2012/08/17 - 12:23 GMT
Mac OSX is simple, but not flexible like Windows and Linux can be. So for a programmer like myself, I prefer Windows/Linux.
3 days - 9,746v
Posted 2012/08/20 - 15:53 GMT
Soooo, a bit of advice as far as torrenting goes... don't do it.
As others have said it can be misused in many ways, there is huge potential for viral infections on your computer, and unless you're downloading from a place like The Pirate Bay, the direct download really isn't that much slower.

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