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TPOA Forum Educate
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There's a new sherif in town.
Submitted By pocketMAD on 12/08/28
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This Document originally posted in the "TPOA" Group

Hello, these guidelines are here to ensure a clean experience on the forums. Got a problem, complaint, or problem? Leave a comment.
Posts that do not follow these lines will be removed unless specified otherwise:
In no particular order:
  1. Make sure your post is plane related. This forum is not for non-plance topics
    • This means that links to random or unrelated websites will not be tolerated.
    • Spam posts are not tolerated. They will be judged by me. 
  2. Posts that relate more towards mars or CC than plane-topics will be studied. If I dub them to be more mars or CC related than plane related, they will be hidden. 
  3. Keep from pointless posts!
    • Posts which are short, or convey a stupid or unlikely idea will be removed.
    • Posts which are used as public PMs will be removed after 24 hours or less (Depending upon content and relevance)
    • Posts which are for any other reason dubbed pointless will be removed.
    • Posts that have bad grammar (5th grade is the lowest tolerable standard) will be resolved until the creator can edit them.
  4. Posts which contain any form of inappropriate content will be hidden. The creator will have a chance to edit the post and remove such inappropriate content from the post and republish.
    • If the post is too obscene, it will be removed.
    • If the post is fairly mild, a warning comment will be issued before hiding.
    • Cussing is considered inappropriate in exception to: Damn, crap, and "wtf". Keep wtf short and unspammy.
    • Vulgar and/or explicit imagery or text of any form is considered obscene. 
    • Excessive capitalization is considered mild Spam/mild cussing!
  5. Flaming is not tolerated! Keep it friendly, or risk comment/post removal! 
  6. Comments and threads that contain the notorious "-_-" will be removed unless if the face is being used in a jokingly and humorous manner.
  7. The rules also go for comments. 
  8. If the comments more unrelated than otherwise, they will be removed–along with any other comments repling to the first one.
  9. If you believe that a thread has some trace of breaking the rules, PM sv3n or me.
The rules will be enforced by sv3n. I am mearly a messenger that will PM sv3n which posts and comments deserve to be removed. This will occur until moderation is activated.
(Subject to change, check frequently)

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Re: TPOA Forum Educate
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/08/30 - 0:01 GMT
Now another freedom forum, destroyed by mad.
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Re: TPOA Forum Educate
2 days - 11,577v
Posted 2012/08/30 - 3:10 GMT
Well, Lamp, there's always the other categories :)
And I feel like this place DOES need some rules. 
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Re: TPOA Forum Educate
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2012/08/30 - 3:02 GMT
Frankly, I like these rules. MAD, you will be a GREAT mod! Thank you!
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Re: TPOA Forum Educate
5 days - 22,986v
Posted 2012/08/30 - 3:08 GMT
Thank you sven.

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