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my world collection
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all my worlds on one post
Submitted By banditkitty2 on 12/10/08
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worlds that have been made



and the sketchup worlds that have been made


the sketchup worlds that have not been made, though i plan to


and sketchup worlds that i do not have plans to make


and all my made world urls:

http://www.geiodo.com/worlds/my_new_maze_v7.utw posted and made
v8 for the 3 times bigger version

http://www.geiodo.com/worlds/shack_world_v1.utw posted and made

http://www.geiodo.com/worlds/bandits_skatepark_v1.utw, made and posted, it is later on down

http://www.geiodo.com/worlds/bandits_dfing_v5.utw made and posted
 http://www.geiodo.com/worlds/bandits_platforms.utw made, later on down
and for the skatepark:
image 1
this is part of it
image 2
and the name
and let me know if i should update this world too
and bandits platforms
bandits platforms image
this is a full window snip

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