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My Rough Sketch of Batman29
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My drawing of my brother in his Roleplay mode
Submitted By Superman29 on 12/07/27
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Hey guys!  Not meaning to spam at all, I just wanted to share with you something that I made a couple days ago.  It is a picture I drew of Batman29, and although it isn't that good, I thought I would just share it with you.  I will be drawing more like this, but the rest I draw will be posted on the Kingmen website: kingmen.plexpedia.com.  So, be sure to let me know what you think of my drawing, leave a comment, suggestion, or whatever you want.  Thanks!!!(This picture was taken with my Iphone)     Your Loyal Hero

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2012/07/28 - 2:20 GMT
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You already posted this on the king men site
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Array Re: My Rough Sketch of Batman29
Yep.  This is the only picture about Batman I'll post on the Mars forum.  I will be making more, probably.  But the rest I make will stay on the Kingmen site
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2012/07/28 - 13:38 GMT
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Hmm... Shoulda' made the helmet a little less similar to Iron Man's helmet, man.
Oh, and probably look around the, uh, center chest plate area.
I like the swords though, very stylish.
Overall, good sketch, but don't base it off completely of Iron Man.
When I did my drawing of Ectoshock, the only thing I used as an ideal was the Unibeam. Other than that, I edited other ideas from other significent sources to make the armor. 
Hmm... What you can do, though, is if you wanna keep the Unibeam sketch there, you can shape the blaster to look like the Dark Knight's symbol like the way it shows on his Baterangs or his actual chest piece. That way, the blast would shape the figure of a bat.
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This is freakin awesome!!!!!  WHEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUU

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