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2.8.4 Bug lists
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Mixed objects in game-play
Submitted By TheGoodGuy on 12/07/03
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Hi guys,
I've noticed that my gear often gets merged with other gear. Two bodykits, basic weapons enabled, no armor... and the latest:

  1. Two Flags (RED and BLUE)
  2. No flight
  3. 99 minutes
  4. Basic weapons

I've attached a picture, as well as the error logs. I was thinking we should compile a list of bugs in this thread, as long as they have the logs attached.

Two Flags at once on spawn

Error Log





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Re: 2.8.4 Bug lists
1 day - 5,354v
Posted 2012/07/03 - 20:48 GMT
Don't forget the unlimited health capsules glitch (health capsule doesn't disappear after use) in some of the worlds! It appears in Sanctum, Battle Island, and sometimes Chokepoint.
It's always those same capsules. If a map was given, I could mark out those capsules and PM the marked out map...
About the error log: I have no idea what all that text means.
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Re: 2.8.4 Bug lists
2 days - 6,902v
Posted 2012/07/03 - 22:50 GMT
Could you provide the following details? It would help tremendously in trying to figure out what exactly is causing the issue:
1) What actions did you preform before you entered the server? (i.e. did you start a custom world server and then join another server?)
2) Did you join a server or host it when this occurred?
3) If you joined the server, do you recall what sort of custom world it was (Whirld/Creator) and if so, what was the name of it?

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