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The Kingmen
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Knights of the future
Submitted By Batman29 on 12/06/24
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Hello everybody!
PM Batman29 if you want to join The Kingmen!
I have decided to create my very own club/group.  It's just a little group, organization, or whatever you want to call it, that I have made for your liking.
The name of the group is called The Kingmen.  The origin of this group comes from me, Batman29:
     I got this idea from a time that I let my temper get the better of me.  (You can skip this paragraph if you feel the need).  I was playing in one of Emperor Ectoshock's games a while ago and had already been evicted from 3 games, because people think I am annoying XD(What?). Well, Ecto and a few other of the big and famous Martians started picking on me, making fun of me being a n00b, etc.  When I tried to talk back to them, they evicted me.  I got sick of it and finally let my temper run free.  I charged my way back into the game and told them that I was going to make my very own club, a man club, and they wouldn't be able to join because they were all a bunch of sissies.  And now that I am in CSM, and Pyro Bob has been giving me such a hard time, I decided I should build something off of what I said to Ecto.  The ideas got pieced together over time, but I eventually decided that I would be the Leader of a club that would help all noobs and keep peace with all Martians.  Since I was going to be a Royal leader, I decided that the club  should be chivalrious and have an honor code to follow.  The group would be called the Kingmen, and I, Batman29, would be King Emperor, along with my brother, Superman29.  Together, we would lead a group of amazing qualities and talents.  The Kingmen: Knights of the Future.
     The Kingmen are a group where you get the option of becoming a "Man," like me, "Batman", or my brother, "Superman." (Names are first come, first serve).  If you wish to join this group, meaning that you willingly accept the honor code, will follow it, and will accept name and place in the Kingmen as a privilige and treat it with respect, please tell me or my brother, and we will look into letting you into this group.  To get in, you must:
- Win in a race against any Emperor or King in the group.
-You have to complete a test. *GASP* I will be going to people I want to recruit and saying, "I'm Batman" to them.  To pass this test, they will have to show wit and calm, replying peacefully to me, making a funny remark, but no insulting or cussing.  This is to test character and smarts, so don't be annoyed with me if you hear it from me when I am recruiting.
- Be an honorable player by treating others with respect and being a good player.
- Come up with a special ONE-word (Talk to me if you need an exception) name and add "man" to it, so that only you can hold it's power.
- Get an invitation into the group from me or my brother
     The Honor Code of the Kingmen 
- You must accept Batman29 and Superman29 as your King Emperors, and be willing to follow their rule at all times.
- You must protect all new or weak game players from any kind of verbal or physical harm from any other players.
- You must help all new or weak game players learn how to play the game well.
- You must keep peace among all of the Martians.
- You must never swear or say anything vulgar.  (Dang, darn, shoot, gosh, crap, heck, and freakin are allowed).
- You must never run from battle when you are the Quarry.  (This means Jet, Buggy, Hovercraft, or tank noobing).
- You must be chivalrious, have honor, and respect all players.
- You must never abuse your power if you are of higher rank.
- You must take the group seriously and not make fun of anybody or anything.
- You must have fun!
     Any member found violating the honor code in any way immediatly demoted or removed depending on the seriousness of the violation.  If you have a problem with any part of the Honor Code, come talk to me or my brother.  IF YOU DON'T HAVE FUN, YOU WILL HAVE TO BE KILLED!  Haha, just kidding.  This group isn't meant to be super hardcore and strict, so have a good time around here.
How The Kingmen Work
     The way that the Kingmen will work is that you will start out as a lower rank and have to work your way up to the top:
     First, you will start out as a peasant.  You start with a weak name along with {KMCN} (Kingmen Common).
     After moving up a rank, you will become a squire.  You will be able to choose to upgrade your name and alongside your name you replace {KMCN} with {KMS} (Kingmen Squire).
     Moving up from there, you become a knight.  Your knighthood will stay with you forever because you become a knight of the future and you will need to add Sir/Dame to the beginning of your name, and you can upgrade your name and replace {KMS} with {KMKN} (Kingmen Knight).
     After knight, you become a baron.  You can upgrade your name, and replace {KMKN} with {KMB} (Kingmen Baron/Baroness).
     After baron, you become a count.  You can upgrade your name, and replace {KMB} with {KMCO} (Kingmen Count/Countess). 
     After count, you become a duke.  You can upgrade your name, and replace {KMCO} with {KMD} (Kingmen Duke/Duchess).
     After duke, you become a lord.  You can upgrade your name, and replace {KMD} with {KML} (Kingmen Lord).
     After lord, you become a prince.  You can upgrade your name, and replace {KML} with {KMP}(Kingmen Prince/Princess).
     After prince, you become a king.  Replace Sir with King/Queen.  You can upgrade your name, and replace {KMP} with {KMK} or {KMQ} (Kingmen King/Queen).
     After king, you become an emperor.  This is the highest possible rank (Well, my brother and I have the highest one, but this is the highest you can get).  Replace King with Emperor. Make your name the strongest possible name, and replace {KMK}/{KMQ} with {KME} (Kingmen Emperor/Empress).
     So, to recap and give you examples, of both boys and girls:
     Peasant:  {KMCN} Shadowman Batman29
                    {KMCN} Wonderwoman Zhoumi
     Squire:  {KMS} Heroman Superman29
                  {KMS} Wonderwoman Zhoumi
     Knight: Sir {KMKN}Shadowman Batman29
                 Dame {KMKN} Wonderwoman Zhoumi
     Baron: Sir {KMB} Heroman Superman29
                Dame {KMB} Wonderwoman Zhoumi
     Count: Sir {KMCO}Shadowman Batman29
                Dame {KMCO} Wonderwoman Zhoumi
     Duke: Sir {KMD} Heroman Superman29
               Dame {KMD} Wonderwoman Zhoumi
     Lord: Sir {KML} Shadowman Batman29
              Dame {KML} Wonderwoman Zhoumi
     Prince: Prince {KMP} Heroman Superman29
                Princess {KMP} Wonderwoman Zhoumi
     King: King {KMK}Shadowman Batman29
              Queen {KMQ} Wonderwoman Zhoumi
     Emperor: Emperor {KME}Heroman Superman29
                    Emperess {KME} Wonderwoman Zhoumi
     The way that you will gain rank will be if I or my brother see or hear about you being chivalrious, valiant, and honorable.  Or if we feel that you are ready.
     That is how The Kingmen will be working.  If you need to know anything or have a problem, contact me or my brother. 
                            KINGMEN: KNIGHTS OF THE FUTURE
             Current Number of Members: 31
  King Emperor

-King Emperor Batman29
-King Emperor Superman29
  Sir {KMB} Epicman Sv3n
Sir {KMB} Blademan Loki42
Sir {KMB} Spiderman Ratchet
Sir {KMB} EMPman EmperorEctoshock
Sir {KMB} Hadoukenman Charles Hadouken 
Sir {KMKN} Waveman Hawaiian Cal
Dame {KMKN} Wonderwoman Zhoumi
{KMKN} Earthman Vegeta
{KMKN} Shademan BeefyD
{KMKN} Lightman Lamp
{KMKN} Aquaman MeteoLDragoX
{KMS} whippet
{KMS} Mottoman jake TheMotto
{KMS} Ironwoman Cesca
{KMS} Astroman uof
{KMS} Madman skywalker
{KMS} Elektrawoman Haddix
{KMS} Lil'man Flight
{KMS} Benderman (Matt) roboinventor
{KMCN} Nathan123
{KMCN} AlphaTitan
{KMCN} titus
{KMCN} Alistar
{KMCN} Midnightmartian
{KMCN} darkassassin
{KMCN} Tichead
{KMCN} GoldenExplorer
We will be keeping track of the number of the people that join.
 (Batman29 and Superman29)
1. Sv3n
2. Hawaiian_Cal
3. Ratchet
4. whippet
5. --------
6. EmperorEctoshock
7. Loki42
8. CharlesHadouken
9. Vegeta
10. Nathan123
11. TheMotto
12. MeteoLDragoX
13. Zhoumi
14. uof
16. Cesca
17. AlphaTitan
18. roboinventor
19. titus
20. skywalker
21. Lamp
22. Haddix
23. Flight
24. Alistar
25. Midnightmartian
26. darkassassin
27. BeefyD
28. Tichead
29. GoldenExplorer
Really, if you want to join, be sure to PM me.
Thank you!
P.S.  Special Thanks to Sv3n for making this website!

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Array Re: The Kingmen
2012/06/25 - 1:59 GMT
(In Reply to Item)
Can I be an emperor?
>> Reply
Array Re: The Kingmen
Not yet.  You do have to work your way up.  You could probably start off above a peasant though, cuz I've seen you doing things for people.  Are you serious about joining, or are you kidding?
>> Reply
Array Re: The Kingmen
2012/06/25 - 2:34 GMT << In Reply to
I think he's serious. And, can I join Batman? Where should I start off, and, also, I've helped newbs :P
>> Reply
Array Re: The Kingmen
   You've helped me so much that you can start off as a knight if you want to(That's the highest rank that I will allow special people to have).  Just PM me what you want your name to be.  You'll get first pick!
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Array Re: The Kingmen
2012/06/25 - 16:14 GMT
(In Reply to Item)
Way to much like TeamDarkstar if you ask me. :/
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Array Re: The Kingmen
Ok, really.  What is Team Darkstar and what did they do?
>> Reply
Array Re: The Kingmen
2012/06/25 - 17:12 GMT
(In Reply to Item)
Don't worry, Batman. Team Darkstar was a club that started a War on mars. And they had ranks in the club. 
>> Reply
Array Re: The Kingmen
2012/06/26 - 1:15 GMT << In Reply to
Team Darkstar never started a war. -_-
And I already told you about Team Darkstar. 
>> Reply
Array Re: The Kingmen
2012/06/25 - 17:15 GMT
(In Reply to Item)
Ooh...  don't worry, I ain't starting a war anytime soon.  Hopefully never.  I'll do my best, but the ranks are just to add incentive and fun to the club.  I won't start a war unless I'm defending Mars.
>> Reply
Array Re: The Kingmen
2012/06/25 - 17:17 GMT
(In Reply to Item)
No no no. Just don't start a war no matter what. That is the worse thing a club can do.
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Array Re: The Kingmen
>> Reply
Array Re: The Kingmen
2012/06/25 - 18:14 GMT
(In Reply to Item)
Wow, bro.  I am impressed...  I didn't know you could write like this.  Really informative.  Wow.  You've changed.  This seems really cool.  I would totally join if I weren't already at the top of the club.  XD.
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Array Re: The Kingmen
2012/06/25 - 21:32 GMT
(In Reply to Item)
I must confess that I'm not joining. I'm already in too many clubs already :P
However, I wish you the best of luck for your club :)
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Array Re: The Kingmen
2012/06/27 - 16:29 GMT
(In Reply to Item)
Thank you Bob.
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Array Re: The Kingmen
2012/07/27 - 0:19 GMT
(In Reply to Item)
Sv3n's crazy CSS where the comments are.
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Array Re: The Kingmen
Can you level up by beating a king emporer a few times in a race or so?
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Array Re: The Kingmen
Sure thing!
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Array Re: The Kingmen
2012/08/06 - 4:25 GMT
(In Reply to Item)
- Win in a race against any Emperor or King in the group.
I talked about joining KINGMEN right after I won a race with BatMan!
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Array Re: The Kingmen
2012/08/08 - 23:05 GMT
(In Reply to Item)
lamp, you should work more on your club!
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Array Re: The Kingmen
2013/05/28 - 19:07 GMT << In Reply to
What club

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Array Re: The Kingmen
2013/05/26 - 11:46 GMT
(In Reply to Item)
This club should be called "rulerpeople" to be fair to girls.
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Array Re: The Kingmen
The "AttemptedrulersofunspecifiedgenderclubbingthoughanonlinemultiplayergamenamedMarsExplorer"
>> Reply
Array Re: The Kingmen
Whoa...  When can I join?

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