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join anyone?
Submitted By zangstawill on 12/07/10
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ATTENTION ALL CITIZENS OF THE PLANET MARS, WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!! you think im kidding? yes i am kidding:P now some of you are gonna call me annoying which is exactly what my point is. So i would like to make a new...group... it'll be The Gangsters and um you don't have to add anything to your name. I have made this group to help people being called annoying and being banned and evicted for talking or stuff because it's for the hosts' pleasure. And i am called annoying get banned for no reason or evicted for no reason. think im kidding? once (i'm sorry to point out any names and since i am i won't point out any) i said *(&^%$&*( and i was banned. once i was pulled into a password protected game and the host invited me then banned me...-_- real mean raising someone's hopes then crushing them... anyways i would like to help people like this and stand for them i have learned to stand for myself. So anyone who wants to join just make a comment saying i want to join critisims are accepted but if your gonna say something bad bout it get your #ing # out of here and go do it somewhere else. thanks everyone:P

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