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Portal Gun
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Gun that shoots a portal...ooooooo...an idea...
Submitted By Jdc151 on 12/06/05
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How about a portal gun? Maybe it could be an upgrade, and branch out from the main laser when you have enough credits, the collision box would have to be pretty complex i suspect, but hey, it would be real fun to ambush those idiots that think they can hide underneath those pesky silos...or maybe not.

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Re: Portal Gun
12 hours - 3,932v
Posted 2012/06/05 - 16:15 GMT
Jdc, well first nice to "meet" you!
Sorry to say that I don't find the idea attractive because the focus of the game for me is about flying skill and aiming+ avoiding skill, while this could create a lot of mess.
I'm open to change idea, BUT i'd need you to try to convince me a bit more and tweak your idea so that i can start even engaging with it.
Starting from:
  • How would the aiming of the teleportation work? would you teleport to where your crosshair is aiming at?
  • why do you need a portal? also system requirements wise, it's an extra item to load.. so it could potentially cause lag.  Once you have aimed to your teleportation spot, coudln't you just snap to your new location? without a portal?
  • this would need to be banned from capture the flag games i guess, right? imagine the riots...
  • how would you solve the issue of teleporting into a lower level of a structure that you can't see(like from outside to the inside of the ship in KingDVD island, OR from outside to the inside of the silos? i dont' think it shoudl be doable at all in fact to teleport to places that you cant' see.
  • would equipping the telportation laser take one weapon slot? and that laser can't deal damage anymore right?
  • what about not making it a weapon but an item? with the same limitations as the temporary shield or the temporary invincibility? still to solve how it woudl work, and as from the thread about shop items balancing, still to solve how to balance somthing of this kind with what's existing.
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Re: Portal Gun
1 day - 3,651v
Posted 2012/06/05 - 16:34 GMT
Main problem: Making it. This is obviously a very hard piece of equipment to make, and it seems like it would cause some undesired effects such as glitches (falling under the ground is something off the top of my head) and likely lag.
Other problems: No damage, it seems like it is completely limited to a support weapon. Factoring in the time it takes to change weapons right now, it seems like the whole purpose of the weapon would be to get away from pursuers so you can change to a different gun. Not to mention the switch time would make it harder to ambush players.
A good portion of the time you are in the air. If you want to use a portal gun then you have to get to a surface, and that limits your options to move and dodge.
Hard to use quickly. The portal gun is designed for puzzles, and to use it effectively in a fast-paced situation you need to think VERY fast. I've played portal and most of the time I had to stop for a minute and figure out what I wanted to do before actually doing it.
I like the idea of making it an item instead of a weapon, in fact I think we can apply the same concept of the portal gun to something like a teleport-to-cursor item. Wouldn't that solve most of the issues we have with it right now?
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Re: Portal Gun
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/06/06 - 5:28 GMT
In short, I don't like the idea of implementing a portal gun. It's just not right for this type of game.
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Re: Portal Gun
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/06/06 - 16:37 GMT
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Re: Portal Gun
13 minutes - 135v
Posted 2012/06/27 - 13:42 GMT
Lol, yeah. i was just starting with c, c+, and Java, and now I relize that a portal gun would be IMPOSSIBLE. But I still want a custom color pallette.
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Re: Portal Gun
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/06/28 - 1:50 GMT
It is not impossible, but it would require Unity Pro to use the proper reflections. However, I don't know if you can be half inside one portal and half outside another–that would be really cool.
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Re: Portal Gun
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/06/28 - 18:58 GMT
The way I see it:
A portal gun isn't a great idea.
However, actual built-in portals or wormholes might spice up a few maps. (1 or 2, 47 is way too much)

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