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ctf bugs
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Submitted By lagging on 12/06/03
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what do you reckon is wrong with this picture?
we both recaptured the red flag, at about the same time and we ended up having 2 flags.
ALSO, let me saythat there si a VERY annoying bug- whenever anyone logs off while having the flag, the game stays glitched, and it becomes impossible to score any flag capture or to return that flag.

1 day - 3,651v
Posted 2012/06/03 - 16:23 GMT
When will this ever be fixed? CTF needs a major redo, and glitches are priority No. 1.
On a side note, the fact that you can pick up your own flag after it was dropped by an enemy lets you go drive it off out of bounds. Just thought I might as well say it here.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/06/03 - 17:10 GMT
Solution: Flags dropped off the map automatically return to the base.
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/06/03 - 17:10 GMT
Or as a further deterrent, an auto point for the other team.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/06/03 - 17:24 GMT
There'd have to be a way to distinguish off the map from in the water on chokepoint, then.
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/06/03 - 20:42 GMT
Perhaps a Z axis limit?
1 day - 3,651v
Posted 2012/06/04 - 2:38 GMT
How about instead of picking up your own flag it goes back it teleports back to base? Most games use this system with CTF, since there are advantages with being a human flag carrier (such as running away from your pursuers, and abandoning the base you are supposed to guard).
I think this would solve a few of the glitches as well.
12 hours - 3,932v
Posted 2012/06/08 - 21:32 GMT
i'd like to rise a question:
Does it have any sense to have AI cars/bots in CTF games?
My perspective:
AI Cars are not coded to go for the opponents' team flag, hence they just trick real players into thinking that there is a CTF game going on, when in fact there isn't; furthermore they confuse the newbies into thinking that CTF games are about killing just as team death matches.
what do you guys think?

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