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another brilliant idea from the gangster!!!
Submitted By zangstawill on 12/05/13
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So, everyone I'm using my best Gr.5 grammar and spelling which isn't bad. Anyways, up to the point this time my idea is that were going to add some characters to the shop!!! Here's how it'll work: In the game we keep everything the same. The mines and items the same the weapons the same, the body kits and the armours all the same. But what i'm suggesting we add is some characters!!! Like lions, ants, animals, insects,bugs. Some characters you guys get the point? All the characters would have different advantages and disadvantages. Like the lion's advantage would be big and can get to different places really fast but the disadvantage would be it wouldn't really notice if say a player that's an ant went onto him and started attacking him. But since the lion's big and the ant's small the lion's skin acts like heavy armour so if you were a lion with a level 20 heavy armour it'd be virtually impossible for a ant to hurt you. But the lion and ant are examples it could be hard to code but all ideas are right? So remember anything animals, insects, and all that. What do you say guys? Should it be implemented?

1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 14:30 GMT
This idea seems impertinent to Carbon Combat and redundant, in my opinion. You can still use the "Mines and Items" section in the shop to buy some special/extra weapons that are similar to a few of your ideas too.
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Posted 2012/05/13 - 14:32 GMT
First: What does impertant mean? second: I'm talking characters dude i don't see any special weapons suggestion here.
1 day - 5,354v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 18:01 GMT
Impertinent means irrelevant and you don't know what that means, it means that it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. Characters has nothing to do with this game since this game is about, well, I don't really know how to say what this game is about but animals has nothing to do with it,(unless you count humans as animals).
Let me put in a more understandable way: This game has two modes and soon to be three:
  • CC Car
  • Solider
  • Coming Soon: Helicopter
These don't have anything to do with animals. Putting characters like those would be irrelevant and well... let me put in a nicer way, a dumb idea, no offence.
Also dude, stop naming your posts all "idea." People will get a bunch of your posts confused.
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Posted 2012/05/14 - 13:34 GMT
haha ok
1 day - 5,354v
Posted 2012/05/14 - 20:26 GMT
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Posted 2012/05/13 - 19:21 GMT
I find the idea interesting, but i dont' think it could be implemented as described by zangsta.
The way i woudl go about it, would be to give effective attributes to the bodykits OR maybe add a new section with vynil car graphics  for the cars that would further boost the differences n performance(so a lion sticker, a fireball sticker,  a gazelle sticker etc) all giving different bonuses and downsides.
this said, the game is laggy already, it's a good question whether with all of these extra parameters it wouldn't get even more laggy, and i'm not even sure it woudl be pleasurable to have that many differences amongst vehicles... also: poor newbies who wouldn't be able to afford those stickers.
1 day - 2,904v
Posted 2012/06/10 - 1:36 GMT
lagging my idea is not to kill the newbies and make them feel poor i doubt the game will start laggin even more if CT does somthing i think. and the poor newbies would have to like suck it up and earn the credits. now if there are any newbies looking at this i;m gonna tell u: i earned everything by myself i rose to the top 10s by sucking it up and earning it TheGoodGuy gave me some potshots but that;s it so guess what guys? with a good deal of cussing complaining and whatnot you'll learn to suck it up and earn
12 hours - 3,932v
Posted 2012/06/10 - 8:57 GMT
i'll reply to this:
lagging my idea is not to kill the newbies and make them feel poor i doubt the game

will start laggin even more if CT does somthing i think.
The rest of yor reply is off topic/beside the point, in my eyes.
This idea wasn't about killing more newbies, but about further differentiating differnt vehicles. right?
As i said, i'd see 2 ways possible(vynyl stickers or more bodykits).
CC is, in my opinion, ultimately about cars, soldiers and in the future maybe helicopters, not about ants, lions and animals fighting.
1 day - 2,904v
Posted 2012/06/11 - 22:40 GMT
i said examples oh and: CT IF YOU READING THIS I WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL IF YOU DIDN'T ADD MORE ITEMS THAT HAVE TO BE BOUGHT BY PREMNIUM CREDS. the way i see it: premnium creds are the worst upgrades ever happened to CC it's right up top in my list with the rental system
12 hours - 3,932v
Posted 2012/06/11 - 22:47 GMT
Zangsta, i'm sorry i disagree completely. in fact i think they are under-priced to allaw CT to work on CC enough.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/06/11 - 22:59 GMT
Zangstawill, consider all the expenses CT has:
3. His savings for Unity Pro
4. The time he spends working on Carbon Combat and listening to the community, while he could have been doing something else.
To buy a glider, all you need to do is to spend five mere dollars (and the kit is permanent). Some games charge real money for so many items–and for so little gain to the consumer.  Please show some respect to the community by stopping your little rant, and understand CT's offer was more than generous. The world is not over because you can't get what you want. Welcome to life, kid.
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Posted 2012/06/11 - 23:03 GMT
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/06/11 - 23:18 GMT
I agree with lagging, TCM, yoshi, and the people who agree with them.  I feel like the credits are underpriced.  If you want a game that wants a lot of real money look at backyard monsters on Kongregate.com or any Aeria Games game.  They want a lot of your money and they constantly rub it in your face so you buy it too.  To an extent, runescape does the same thing. 
I think the credits are a bargin and I think they are a good idea and nessacaery to further the develope Carbon Combat to its potential. 
At first I was against them.  I came from games where credit card players ruled and those who didn't buy failed.  And the premium credits were way over priced (100 for $1 on Aeria games, haven't even looked at ByM), but I went to do the free offers and I saw that I could buy two of the three new bodykits for $6, I did it as soon as i could.  Now I have the complete opposite view of them.  I am in support of CC having premium credits.
I hope you can come to understand why they are a nessacary to the developement of CC.  I understand that you may never buy them and might be mad about it, but atleast TRY to understand why they are here.
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