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list of ppl u played/killed
Submitted By zangstawill on 12/05/12
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alright so today i was playing a team death match and it looks like lots of ppl know me but i don't know them cause i don't have the longest memory span and so this guy said he kkknew me from choke point or something and i forgot i even played against someone name ethan whatever. so maybe could we have a list of the people we played against? i know it would be real hard to code or whatever but we could have a icon booklet at the bottom beside the fullscreen icon and have the friend/enemy list and this list there right? and if more ideas that might be able to fit into the booklet category we could also put it there right? am i right? me right me right me right? oops sorry i started flowing anyway it's a good idea right? right? right? it reminds me kind of a game i play called monkey quest except there we only had ppl who were nearby and a group i con and a friend icon in the booklet thing. anyway back to the point CAN WE HAVE IT IMPLENTED IN THE GAME? it's a good idea right? right? right?

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Posted 2012/05/13 - 1:22 GMT
Your writing is repulsive, and I know you can do better. From now on, please follow the following rule: "Posts must be written in English, with best possible spelling and grammar. It's OK if you have issues: just do your best.
Here's your post a little more cleaned up: 
Today I was playing a team death match, and there were many people who know me, but I didn't know them. (I don't have the longest memory span, so when this guy said he knew me from choke point, I couldn't remember ever playing against him.)
I know it may be hard to code, but I propose that we have a list of the people that we played against. We could have an icon booklet beside the fullscreen icon at the bottom and have the friend/enemy list there too. We could also put other features that fit into the booklet category.
OT: I like the idea of an in-game friends list, and I know CarbonTech can do such a thing because he already created a login system with a shop. I don't think a log of who we played against serves a significant enough purpose to be implemented–it just wastes data space, in my opinion.
23 hours - 3,072v
Posted 2012/05/15 - 10:02 GMT
Thanks for enforcing the rules here, cyberman. It's kind of hard to read this, but you have to give him credit for posting, plus being younger and not knowing everything about life etc etc. To everyone, I'm glad everyone is happy and following rules, just follow them less and be more happy. OK, done contradicting myself.
Have a great life! :DD See you guys around here.
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Posted 2012/05/13 - 1:59 GMT
ok... i will use the rule... thanks for standing up for my idea :)
1 day - 5,977v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 3:20 GMT
Your idea is a good one. But I'm just going to put down one negative thing about it.
If I had this (your idea), I wouldn't be able to refer to specific people because I see a lot of people every day, always different people, too. But this wouldn't work only for me. I would like this to be implimented anyway. :)
1 day - 2,904v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 13:23 GMT
no i wasn't referring to specific people...
12 hours - 3,932v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 19:25 GMT
i keep standing for the friends list, enemies list, ignore list (and maybe another list with name that could be defined by the user)  idea.
i don't think that by meeting a guy once for a single game on a map, would mean automatically remembering him, and i don't see a problem there.
1 day - 5,977v
Posted 2012/05/15 - 0:19 GMT
You have a good point lagging...
1 day - 3,651v
Posted 2012/05/15 - 18:15 GMT
Still a little dumbfounded we don't have a friends list in-game. Anything would be an improvement on nothing.
1 day - 5,977v
Posted 2012/05/15 - 22:54 GMT
You also have a good point. It would be easier to know when friends are online, when you they were last online, and so on with the details.

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