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"View Profile" Glitch
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Submitted By TheCyberMan on 12/04/22
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This is a benign glitch, but since I caught it, I decided to take a video :)  This should be an easy glitch to fix.

Go to http://marsxplr.com/user/index to try it out yourself.

Direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=euQ3WWTO3pI



5 days - 10,809v
Posted 2012/04/22 - 19:49 GMT
What the??????
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/04/22 - 20:53 GMT
Yeah I noticed this a while ago now... It's not dangerous though or anything.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/04/22 - 21:00 GMT
Im also pretty sure aubrey did not register in the 1970's ....
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/04/23 - 5:08 GMT
I forgot about that, lol! It's been like that for a while.
1 week - 31,378v
Posted 2012/04/23 - 5:15 GMT
Maybe it's not a glitch, maybe Aubrey created a short cut to his profile but forgot to give it a command to every individual account.
1 week - 20,802v
Posted 2012/04/24 - 6:07 GMT
This has happened since my very first account... -_-
I just didn't care enough to report it.
I just use the "View Profile" button in the drop-down box. 
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/04/24 - 7:48 GMT
I think that's how it is for the rest of us too ;)
1 week - 20,802v
Posted 2012/04/24 - 9:14 GMT
I don't know how to view that comment...
Just in case: -_- 
21 hours - 1,699v
Posted 2012/04/27 - 17:33 GMT
Well, if you're askingfor help, here's some;
If you want to see your ATI profile, what I do is go to Google,
Type in;
(username)- Mars Explorer,
and one of the links will be;
Mars Explorer: ATI Profile for (username)!
If you were asking for help, you're welcome :D
21 hours - 1,699v
Posted 2012/04/27 - 17:34 GMT
You don't need help xP

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