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New Economy
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Request to trade items for credits
Submitted By Sideflare on 12/04/08
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I haven't played carbon in awhile but previously i dedicated a lot of effort to purchasing and upgrading my weapons and armor for my vehicle. Today i logged in and discovered i would lose all of those items i had sought after for so long. i find the new economy system sensible because it will not only generate revenue for the designer to improve his game but also because it will keep players interested month to month and make people place even more thought in to the items they buy.
I am discontent because now i have a ton of items, some of which i may not even use in the month, which i worked hard to own and which will now expire soon. I would like to respectfully request that all of my items be traded for their fair market value in credits (with upgrades figured in). This way i will not have suffered such an extreme loss for all of my past efforts.

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Re: New Economy
2 days - 6,069v
Posted 2012/04/08 - 2:57 GMT
I will contact CarbonTech about your problem. Hopefully he will be able to help you.
[Mod] Apophis
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Re: New Economy
15 minutes - 39v
Posted 2012/04/12 - 3:20 GMT
Thank you sir.
I found out, in the interim, that I could sell my least favorite items for profit and use the earnings to make my favorite items permanently owned. i am pleased at this discovery and that carbon tech thought to include it. Thank you for your efforts. I appologize for my complacency and lack of investigation prior to posting my gripe.

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