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V 2.3.1 Glitches
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Some glitches/bugs i have found in CC
Submitted By JoJettison on 12/04/04
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                                                  Hello Fellow Players!
Here is a list of bugs/glitches I have found in this new version of CC
Dummy soldier glitch
 This glitch occurs after a player bails from their car, even if they are on the red team
Another example of this glitch   
Version 2.3.3 Beta
In scope mode the aiming icon is locked, as in you cant move it around to aim a sniper rifle at a moving target. The same thing happens when you bail out.
Is anyone else experiencing this? 

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Re: V 2.3.1 Glitches
1 day - 3,651v
Posted 2012/04/05 - 22:48 GMT
There are a few glitches on TheGoodGuy's threads, check them out. It may be what you are expirencing.
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Re: V 2.3.1 Glitches
23 hours - 3,072v
Posted 2012/04/06 - 8:33 GMT
Hey there,
Thanks for posting this. I too have been experiencing similar glitches, and I'm glad you posted them to the forum. CarbonTech should be working on fixing these now (hopefully) so we'll probably get fixes by the next release. :D

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