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a report
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should we temporarily ban this guy from the game?
Submitted By zangstawill on 12/05/13
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So there's this guy:LettuceUPSB i was playing with leviathan on choke point capture the flag mode with a couple of ai bots and this guy joins on my team:blue so this guy is LettuceUPSB and me and him got out of our car and accidentally met teaming up on leviathan and working together to kill him. Laviathon was on red and after i killed Laviathon this guy LettuceUPSB said: hey lav when are you going to stop sucking your mother's dick? and i said: Lettuce stop don't say stuff like that bad thing will happen to you. and you know what he said? he said: like? and i said: you could be temporarily or permanently banned from the game. and he said: omg anything but that anything. and i said : ya so don't say stuff like that. then he said: ok the worst thing i want is to be stuck with a couple of shitholes like you. and i said: stop saying that right now or you'll be banned. and he said : how? and i explained that i would post a post on the forum quoting all he's saying right now and see if the mods would ban him temporarily from the game or permanently. and he said: ya what are you going to say, oh i met a random guy on the internet and stop him or i'm gonna cry. well this guy Lettuce reached my nice limit i said that's it you'll be banned and i came and posted this but that's not important what is important is how rude he was and he was saying a lot of very very bad swear and cussing like a madman and when i nicely asked him he became ruder.
now i did say i would have him maybe banned so i don't know if he'll just register another account or something but if he does not make another account should we ban him? and if he does change to another account he''ll either be nicer or if he keeps being mean someone who goes on forum and has read this post will track him down even i might. so what my question is: what are we going to do about these kind of people and first of all this guy? sorry for the long post but i felt it was my responsibility to tell all the mods and forum people how rude some people are on CC and i'm sure there is more  like this Lettuce guy but ya.... i'll cya guys soon
and i think he might be a hacker cause when i looked him up on the CC profile thing it said last time he played was 132 days ago!!! AND  he was playing today

1 day - 5,354v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 2:48 GMT
Dude, I believe you and all, meeting you in game, but you need solid proof like a picture. Learn to take a picture and then a mod can ban. Otherwise, unless the mod see's it directly or gets proof, they probably can't/won't ban them.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 2:49 GMT
You should have taken a picture, zangstawill :/
EDIT: Tropa beat me, lol!
1 day - 5,354v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 2:54 GMT
Also, what's with the guy who posted the first post, he has no username or real name. All he has is the 12 hours thing and "Posted _ Minutes Ago". Both of which are linked to a gif. How? I don't remember you being able to edit that... Maybe he tried to put a gif in his name but it was truncated. Maybe javascript like I use. I dunno.
1 day - 2,904v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 3:00 GMT
sorry i'lll put one but like uh i missed the moment... i promise next time i'll try to get a screen shot and drag the photo from desktop and have it there... sorry for no pics... well should we have him banned temporarily at least? i think we should...
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 3:07 GMT
To be honest, I didn't fully read your message. It's horrendous. I went far enough to see you accused someone without pictures. You shouldn't write like you talk, that's my first bit of advice.
1 day - 5,977v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 3:18 GMT
Also, you might want to clear up your posts a bit... with grammer, periods, and all that stuff you learned in the 4th grade. Im just saying. So I'll commented my post your way:
also you might want to clear up your posts a bit with grammer periods and all that stuff you learned in the 4th grade im just saying so i'll comment my post your way.
You see how bad "bad" grammer can be?
1 hour - 307v
Posted 2012/06/13 - 2:15 GMT
Oh, irony of ironies.
"Also, you might want to clear up your posts a bit... with grammer, periods, and all that stuff you learned in the 4th grade. Im just saying. So I'll commented my post your way:
also you might want to clear up your posts a bit with grammer periods and all that stuff you learned in the 4th grade im just saying so i'll comment my post your way.
You see how bad "bad" grammer can be?
I'm not even sure where to begin...
Both of you need to make a more concerted effort to use proper grammar and spelling.
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 4:00 GMT
For the sake of all things holy and sacred and needed (my sanity is among those) please learn to type well.  Before you post something, read it out loud.  If something doesn't sound correct, please change it so that it does.
About the ban, nothing can be done about it unless you have a picture.  PICTURES are need, (not saying you did, so don't get defensive) but for all I know, you could have been badly pwned by that guy and made this all up so that he cannot play anymore and that is your revenge.  Nothing can be done with out pictures or video.
P.S. I shall remove the first comment.
1 day - 2,904v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 17:32 GMT
sorry for spazzing but  i was kind  of offended
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/06/10 - 0:53 GMT
I would have said that to any one who posted this.   I never once said you were doing that, but that you COULD be doing that.  There is a slight difference in meanings between those words.  if I said you were doing that, it means that you were.  If I said that you COULD do that, it means that you have the ability to do it, not meaning that you will do it though.
Side note, please only use capitals for emphasis, it looks like you are yelling right now.  That really isn't a good way to have a conversation.
2 days - 6,069v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 5:25 GMT
I have a picture to back up some of the information that you have:
His CC Profile
Just wondering: What weapons did he use in-game with you? Here is says he has Rocket Launcher and Plasma Blaster only...
[Mod] Apophis
1 day - 2,904v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 13:12 GMT
ok ok don't start flaming at me cause of spelling and grammar i type too fast.note:this is not a rant post.
yes so he probably played with the rocket launcher but what i fine impossible is how it says he played 132 days ago while i was playing him yesterday...
sorry about no pics
2 days - 6,069v
Posted 2012/05/13 - 16:58 GMT
Here is what I think: If you can find him again, please take a screenshot of him in-game. This could prove vital evidence for proving him a hacker, or for finding a glitch in the game (+400 credits for you). If you ever see him again, please make sure to get that screenshot.
In the meantime, I will hide this post, but, if more evidence if found, you may open it up at any time that you see fit, especially if you can get that screenshot.
[Mod] Apophis
12 hours - 3,932v
Posted 2012/06/10 - 8:44 GMT
Zangsta, this is an experience that will be helpful to you also in r.l.
Whenever somebody wrongs you, try and get proof on the fly.
All Natty is saying, is that without proof (screenshot in this case), one person's words - no matter if trusted or not- arent' enough for somebody in an official position ([mod]) to make a heavy decsion like banning.
IRL, you'll find plenty people exploiting carcrashes etc with foulty evidence, vs somebody who hasn't provided any - and the judge bases his judgement on the evidence -  so, in the future, for your own good, find ways to back up your thesis.
Also, as a personal feedback- you wrote that you type too fast- i find that to be a good beginning realisation for a reflection.
Writing doesn't have to be a rushed experience. I'd say, type slower, take out of the text what is beside the point, add "___" when you're quoting somebody from ingame - and your posts will be as readable as anyone else's.
We all understand you were "heated up" due to that guy's behaviour, but by typing like you have been, you're exploiting other's people patience in trying to "decrypt" the information, instead of making a good point -it ultimatley works again against yourself.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/06/10 - 15:47 GMT
In addition, you can use paragraphs to separate ideas or speakers.
4 hours - 828v
Posted 2012/06/15 - 21:27 GMT
@AFD - Brilliant. LOL
@Everyone -
Three things:
  1. Whoever was hosting the game, could have evicted him for that and would have been in the right.
  2. Whenever you see something like that, please take a snapshot of inappropriate language within in-game chats.
  3. CT's filter should have flagged his language. We'll have to take a look at that again.
The failure here is not a person, or a technology - but the inherent processes in place to mitigate the first two. People are people, and since we have a huge range of characters in this community - we have to accept that there are people out there with very low moral depth. Towards this end, we need to have a process that actively searches for anomalous activity and stats (like someone who's currently playing showing up as not having been.) To my knowledge, nothing is in place to do that. So I will raise that with CT later this weekend.
1 day - 2,904v
Posted 2012/07/08 - 22:34 GMT
-_0 whadever

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