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monthygreg(aka kevin)
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Can you Please help him?
Submitted By lucy12398coolv on 12/04/17
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hi this is lucy, see my brother kevin was playing with his friends on out deck, he fell off over the railing and he got amnesia. his favorite thing to do was play CC. i was wondering if you can help him get back to normal on cc. ok,  i guess some of you might ask how bad. so far all we know is that he cant remember much he knows hot to talk a little bit he will miss spell words(he types them to how the word sounds.) please do not make fun of him.
for the mods if this post is irrelevant to cc please pm me and i will take it down. i thought i would post this to tell people that he wont be him self for a while.

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Re: monthygreg(aka kevin)
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Posted 2012/04/17 - 15:03 GMT
Woah...thanks for telling us Lucy. I'll do my part should I see him around.

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