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Something is wrong here...
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Submitted By FatCatAttack on 12/03/25
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So I was going over to the CC Wiki, and in the address bar I forgot the part with wikia in it. It lead to this page:
I was taken by surprise here at first, but then I realized: it's a coincidence. The name sounds rather medical, and the site seems to be selling medical software. But then I saw the Contact Us page, and the E-mail?
The very same E-mail that our own CT uses!
Something is very, very wrong here. Is someone using the exposure from Carbon Combat to make money off of people who enter the wrong address? Just look at the logo the site uses, rather like our own is it not?
What is going on here?

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Re: Something is wrong here...
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/03/25 - 2:48 GMT
I have been to that site before.  Looking at the followers of the site and the general site set up, I am thinking that it is run by CarbonTech.  I may be wrong though.
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Re: Something is wrong here...
14 hours - 1,726v
Posted 2012/03/25 - 4:10 GMT
wow, i dought ct runs that.but if he did WHY A HEALTH APP
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Re: Something is wrong here...
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/03/25 - 4:16 GMT
CarbonTech does run that site.
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Re: Something is wrong here...
2 days - 6,902v
Posted 2012/03/25 - 4:18 GMT
That would be my original site from 4 years back or so. Most of the widgets were made by a colleague of mine with the exception of "DashNotes".
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Re: Something is wrong here...
1 day - 3,651v
Posted 2012/03/25 - 14:33 GMT
I did not expect the site to be yours simply because the widgets are so...different than your current project (Carbon Combat). At least this is cleared up. Shame about carboncombat.com though.
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Re: Something is wrong here...
23 hours - 3,072v
Posted 2012/03/25 - 5:20 GMT
You don't exactly understand how the web works. To get a website, you must purchase a domain for a certain period of time. Then, you own the entire domain. For instance, CT owns carbontechsoftware.com. that means he also owns:
However, he does NOT own carboncombat.com, as domain squatters have taken over that domain in order to extort misdirected links or web navigations through ad revenue.

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