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Mega Thread
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Combining several ideas in one thread
Submitted By FatCatAttack on 12/03/26
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Hello pathetic Earthlings!
I was planning on making several different threads for these ideas, but to save space I just decided to combine them into one. Enjoy and please discuss.
Some ideas:
  1. Off topic section. I understand how much everyone is hesitant for a repeat of Mars Explorer forums, but hear me out. If we separate for a section for off-topic, non-Carbon Combat related posts it would keep noobs in the off-topic area, and the moderators here (hopefully) will keep any off-topic posts in their place. From the community we have here I would love to see other games we might be interested in, view some artwork or 3D designs some people may have, and with the regular moderation which Mars Explorer does not have we can keep this in check. If it all goes horribly wrong we can just remove it anyways right?
  2. Ability to re-color the blocks in World Creator. In my search for modeling programs I have realized that this is overly complicated and would be much simpler and quicker to make maps if we just added some basics to the World Creator. I'm not asking for much right now, just let us choose a color for the blocks we have so worlds are not so bleak and depressing with the grey tone.
  3. Classic weapons. By classic I mean some basic, easy to understand weapons. For instance adding a shotgun-style cannon for close range (or if you are not as skilled just aiming in the general direction of your opponent and hoping a bullet hits, with reduced effectiveness than if you were more skilled) or perhaps a bolt action style, point and shoot weapon similar to the railgun but with much less damage and a very short reload time, perhaps half a second. These weapons are common in games which gives them their appeal as you know how they work. As easy-to-use weapons with less potential, but much better to pick up and use right away as you save up for expensive sniper rifles and explosives it would give new players more incentive to stay.
  4. What to expect in the next version. I think I understand why you don't say what you plan on putting in next CarbonTech, for it would disappoint several players on that their ideas did not make it, but this is why you should put this in. It adds community pressure to you, which I know you don't want but it would be great for the game as everybody tries to argue their point over why their ideas should be put in. The community would also see how that the more you put into one update the longer people would have to wait for the update.

Some things to discuss:

  1. Does anyone have ideas for maps? I have made (though am still polishing) my highway race, so I need some new ideas not race related.
  2. This is just me, but I have a theory on why Carbon Combat is so attractive to noobs. First off, while the game is a competitive war game it also has a childish lure to it. There is a future world theme to the game, flying cars, unrealistic weapons (laser gun pew pew!) and a low amount of swearing and being mean. It is a ripe ground for people to try and burst our bubble of what people just coming to Carbon Combat see as a "perfect internet" illusion they think we have. Second, our moderation system usually deals with these type of people quickly and prevent them from getting their enjoyment out of us, however we also do not usually show these punishments publicly. This gives no warning to potential noobs that may set their sights on Carbon Combat. 

YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ EVERYTHING. JUST READ WHAT YOU THINK IS INTERESTING. I would prefer if there was less too long didn't read posts here.

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Re: Mega Thread
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/03/26 - 3:00 GMT
Personally, I think this should have been different thread.  Things will get confusing fast.
1: agree
4: upvotes galore for you.  People on kongregate think that Carbon Combat is no longer being updated.  I try my best to tell them what is being put into the next version (without telling too much) and a timeframe.  Problem is, I do not know when the next version will be public, so I end up saying soon. 
This is mostly for CarbonTech, how much can we (the people that you e-mailed) tell the general public to keep them happy, but not spoil the surprise. 
Feel free to comment,
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Re: Mega Thread
1 day - 3,651v
Posted 2012/03/26 - 3:06 GMT
Hey natty,
I wanted to make this all different threads, but if I did there would be up to six different threads for me to post and for people to keep track of. A lot of things would get outdated fast, for people generally don't like to follow too much at one time.
While you are reading natty's comment above CarbonTech, may I suggest putting that promo image in the forum? I can see it generating TONS of excitement.
Also, did I...did I...make something that you agreed with 100%? I have done it before, but never on this scale! I feel like such a winner.
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Re: Mega Thread
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/03/26 - 13:24 GMT
Hello FatCat,
I agree with people not wanting to keep up with different threads, even I am guilty of that.  I think that a dedicated off-topic thread would have a greater chance of being stickied though.  
The promo image would be awesome and it woudl generate lots of excitment.
no.  I disagree with one thing.  Not sure what, but it is in there.  I am sure of it.  :P
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Re: Mega Thread
1 day - 3,651v
Posted 2012/03/26 - 14:57 GMT
Totoro, remember? I tested the version too, just not with you guys (computer sucks, and now Photon needs some changes with my router). However, now that the thing is soon to be in the game, there might be too many possibilities to fill now. It will counteract trying to set some solid ground before we add new equipment for the store. Of course, I never said what the weapons are for...
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Re: Mega Thread
23 hours - 3,072v
Posted 2012/03/26 - 5:14 GMT
I agree with 1 and 2.
3. I spoke to CT about adding more classic weapons into the game, as well as a new set to the store. Right now I think he wants to keep it nice and focused, without too many store items. Once a far-reaching plan for the game is decided, we will get news on how the store and game itself will pan out over the next few months.
4. Well, like natty said, we don't want to reveal everything to ruin the surprise. But I can tell you that the next version is going to be awesome and that it will open up so many new doors for the game itself!
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Re: Mega Thread
1 week - 20,817v
Posted 2012/03/26 - 9:59 GMT
I say Its about time we got a Shotgun. 
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Re: Mega Thread
1 day - 5,977v
Posted 2012/03/28 - 2:42 GMT
Haha, yea that would be cool... as the distance gets farther, the damage and acurracy is lowered... clasic... :P

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