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Abister's Lands that Border!
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My first world for Carbon Combat and first cel-shaded world.
Submitted By Abister on 12/04/08
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Hey, welcome to the first map I made for Carbon Combat! After playing a game called Borderlands, I got inspiration for this cel-shaded desert. 

Comes with an actual ROAD!
Comes with an actual ROAD!
Hills + Rocky Mountains!
Hills + Rocky Mountains!
Beauty :)
Beauty :)
Night version also available!
Night version also available!

I may be updating this with new things in the future, in the mean time have fun!



I'd like to say some special thanks to Spiffy for the textures!

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Re: Abister's Lands that Border!
2 days - 6,069v
Posted 2012/04/08 - 19:58 GMT
That looks absolutely great! I would love to play it!
After testing this world, I found that it would not serve well as a CarbonFest race track, but the caves may be suitable for android battles. I will see if I can incorporate it somehow into CarbonFest (with your permission, of course).
Keep up the Great Work!
[Mod] Apophis
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Re: Abister's Lands that Border!
1 day - 2,904v
Posted 2012/04/08 - 20:02 GMT
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Re: Abister's Lands that Border!
1 day - 3,651v
Posted 2012/04/08 - 23:42 GMT
Ah, you play Borderlands? Nice game, I always had lots of fun racing the cars from one side of the Arid Badlands to the other.
On a side note, the Dahl Headland would make a great car map considing it is a car map in the game. It even has a race track in it.

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