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Rules for forum posts and guidelines that moderators follow.
Submitted By Totoro on 12/03/09
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This Document originally posted in the "Carbon Combat" Group

This post lays down the much needed brickwork for a foundation of the Carbon Combat forum. Below you should be able to find rules about posting to the forum and commenting, tips, etiquette guidelines, plus the do's and do nots. Additionally, a set of moderator guidelines are included so everyone is confident in moderator actions. This list is also malleable and modifiable, and suggestions are appreciated.
Totoro's Three Tips:
  1. Did somebody already post about it? If so, don't do it.
  2. Will other people be interested in what you have to say? If not, don't post it.
  3. Does it make you feel proud about it? If not, other people will not like it.
Do all three steps check out? Go ahead and post!
  • Post only things directly related to Carbon Combat and the Carbon Combat community.
  • Posts must be written in English, with best possible spelling and grammar. It's OK if you have issues: just do your best.
  • Do you want to comment on a post? Be sure to use the "Reply to Document" button for replying to a post, and "Reply to Comment" to reply to an individual comment. This ensures everything is organized in nice, threaded commentaries.
  • Want to ask a question? First, read the FAQ before posting. Then, search (upper right hand corner of this page) for keywords related to your question to find if it has been answered before. Try to post questions at the questions and responses thread. If the question is complex and merits discussion, make an individual post.
  • Want to talk about a bug or glitch? First, Report a Bug before posting about it. If you need additional help, go ahead and post!
  • Have an idea or suggestion? If it is simple, go ahead and comment on ideas and suggestions. If it is more complex, you may go ahead and post, provided there is enough content to justify an individual post.
  • Want to make something to be included in the game? You can use the in-game map editor to make your own worlds! Do you have this really awesome 3D model that you can't wait to see implemented into Carbon Combat? Sorry, it probably will not, as the game creator doesn't have that much time on his hands!
  • Want to flame or insult somebody? Do not post personal posts of any type, especially those that maliciously target other users.
  • No posts without merit. No posts lacking content. No posts with profanity, advertisement, personal agendas, offensive/inappropriate material, or malicious intent. Avoid writing posts containing strong or inappropriate language.
  • Reviving old and irrelevant posts will result in said posts being promptly resolved. If a post is important to the forum but 'dead,' it will not qualify as irrelevant, and thus will remain active.
Moderator Guidelines
  • If a post seriously breaks the above set of rules, it will be removed without notice.
  • If a post is dangerous, has malicious intent, contains profanity, advertisement, personal agendas, offensive material, or is in bad taste, it will be removed and the responsible user may be banned.
  • If a post contains minor infractions upon the rules, the moderators will issue a warning.
  • If a user repeatedly breaks the rules posting, the infringing posts may be removed without notice.
  • The moderators will act in their best taste to do their job skillfully and effectively. The moderators and the administrator, of course, reserve the right to employ their powers wherever and whenever they see fit.
  • If a post is irrelevant to the current state of Carbon Combat, it will be resolved, hidden, or removed without notice.
...and most importantly...
Edit 1: Grammatical change, per FatCatAttack
Edit 2 (March 13): Added line, "Avoid writing posts containing strong or inappropriate language." Added this change log.
Edit 3 (April 2): Added rule about commenting. It is now a rule to use the reply to comment button when replying to comments.
Edit 4 (June 29, 2012): Added a rule and a moderator guideline regarding necro-ing old posts. Changed the title to "FORUM ETIQUETTE" to create a looser connotation regarding these rules.

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1 day - 3,651v
Posted 2012/03/09 - 20:06 GMT
Posts must be written in english, with best possible spelling and grammer
If it is simple, go ahead an comment
Whoops :D
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23 hours - 3,072v
Posted 2012/03/09 - 21:48 GMT
It's OK if you have issues: just do your best.
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1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/03/12 - 5:45 GMT
This is a good set of rules :)
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1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/03/12 - 17:11 GMT
I agree.
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5 days - 22,986v
Posted 2012/04/25 - 3:07 GMT
Ah yes! Nice set of rules. But this grammar seems familiar. CT would probably know what I am talking about. *wink*
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1 hour - 80v
Posted 2012/05/17 - 6:56 GMT
Another thing:
Guys stop being so negative! I swear every idea on this forum gets shot down by a few people before the creator has time to respond! The helicopter was slated before it was made, its ridiculous, please if the author of an original idea has only done so in a couple of sentences then let him think of a way to explain the idea better! The guild system was actually a good idea to generate numbers. The whole point is to generate some competition between guilds- not split the userbase apart. Again please- its an idea not a thing set in stone. To add to this- LET THE DEVELOPER PICK I don't like all caps rage but seriously. Ideas are good- if he puts it in and it doesn't work then he'll remove it, simple. Finally, nobody seems to be paying attention to the forum rules- ideas and suggestions should go in its respective thread. Same for everything else. The place is cluttered now! On a final note, please help boost numbers- it is a good game and it could benefit from a bit of free advertising (post in other forums even).
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1 week - 20,817v
Posted 2012/05/17 - 7:16 GMT
If the idea(s) are/ is to long, it should go in a thread.
I wouldn't want a comment as long as a page. 
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1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/05/17 - 23:36 GMT
@D1996: Very true and well-said.
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3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/06/23 - 16:48 GMT
I would like to suggest a new rule/guideline: no necroing or bamming of old posts. Old is one week without comments or no longer relevent.
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1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/06/23 - 18:53 GMT
If the post died, but is still very relevant, such as a tutorial (and active members would benefit from it), or bug that hasn't been fixed.
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1 day - 5,354v
Posted 2012/06/23 - 21:46 GMT
With the exception that there is a problem or it has to be brought up.
Otherwise do the following(The quotes mark the start and end of example thread) if you have to:
Hi, remember this post (Link of post that you want necro'd/bammed but not allowed goes here)?
(Stuff that you would have posted in that link goes here)
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23 hours - 3,072v
Posted 2012/06/29 - 21:06 GMT
Added and fixed!

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