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Forum rules: What are they?
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How does moderation work, exactly?
Submitted By FatCatAttack on 12/03/08
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Hello pathetic Earthlings!
So I was wondering, how exactly are the forums moderated? As in, what rules are we required to follow? No sticky thread nor and question in the FAQ tells us what is allowed/not allowed on the forums, so...why don't we have one? Things like spamming and general trolling are obvious, but stuff like Necromaning threads are questionable. Also, how does the punishment work? Is it three-strikes-your-out, or certain offensives give certain punishments? How do bans work? Come on, could we have some obvious rules here?

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Re: Forum rules: What are they?
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Posted 2012/03/09 - 0:56 GMT
Here are my suggestions for rules, based upon the rules for the Mars forum.
1. Keep your posts related to Carbon Combat.
2. Keep from pointless posts. Make sure they have meaning to them, and address the topic of the post.
  • Example: "I found a bug" is too short, provides no information whatsoever, and is considered spam.
3. Posts which contain any inappropriate content should be removed.
  • Please refrain from using any kind of profanity other than damn, crap, or wtf. Make sure they are short, appropriate for the situation, and not spammy.
4. No advertising outside services unless they relate to Carbon Combat.
  • Example: Saying "This software is great for rendering and video making" or "I recommend this for modeling your worlds" is okay, but not "You should play (name of game) because it is fun" or "hey try this site for a free credit score."
5. Make sure all ideas proposed are descriptive, feasible, and likely to be executed.
  • Example: "Make a dragon robot" is not descriptive, and incredibly unlikely.
6. Use proper grammar. It is very hard to read when you don't use proper spelling and punctuation.
7. No flaming or threatening of any kind.
1. Use common sense when posting.
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Re: Forum rules: What are they?
23 hours - 3,072v
Posted 2012/03/09 - 8:27 GMT
OK, forum rules created. :) I hope I can sticky it by tomorrow.

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